Elepahnt Man Calls His Son Gay,”Tells Him Anywhere He See Him”

A song recorded by Elephant Man’s eldest son was leaked on to the internet.

In the song his son accuses him of not taking care of any of his children and also accuses him of being a homosexual.

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Since therelease of the track Elephant Man sent a voice note calling him a “Likkle idiot bumbo hole”.

In February of this year rape, buggery and grievous sexual assault charges were dismissed after the prosecution offered no evidence against him as the woman accusing him had died.

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Elephant Man, whose real name is O’Neil Bryan, has over 20 kids, some of whom are adults.

  1. Omeka Bryan – Daughter
  2. Oneifa Bryan – Daughter
  3. Olivia Bryan – Daughter
  4. Eli One Bryan – Son
  5. Eli Two Bryan – Daughter
  6. Omar Bryan – Son
  7. Onesham Bryan – Son
  8. Oneil Bryan – Son
  9. Elepus Bryan – Daughter
  10. Orane Bryan – Son


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