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“Love On The Brain”

“And you got me like oh What you want from me?What you want from me?And I tried to buy your pretty heart, but the price too high Baby you got me like oh, mm You love when I fall apart (fall apart)So you can put me together And throw me against the wall”.

Love on the Brain is one of Rihanna’s most recent song from her 2016 Album-Anti Diary. The artist creatively composed lyrics that she herself lived. We can recall her abusive relationship with the talented Chris Brown, however, no matter how sour that relationship got, Rihanna was under the influence of love, mentally incapacitated with “LOVE ON HER BRAIN”

There are many women now, more than ever who suffer great abuse from their partners in the name of love. Women as Rihanna described it in the first stanza,line 5-8 “You love when I fall apart (fall apart) So you can put me together, And throw me against the wall”. These affairs always however end with a very broken heart, sometime a burnt soul and beyond repair.

” It beats me black and blue” personified the physical abuse love sometime carries. Many women today live in these abusive relationships and find comfort in these abuse which in their minds are translated as care, love and jealousy.

How do you rescue a friend who is trapped in this abusive relationship?


Written by Krisho Holmes.
You may email the author at krishoholmes@gmail.com 


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