Jason Morgan Not Selected For The Olympic Team To Rio 2016


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2014 Commonwealth Discus Bronze Medalist Jason Morgan was not chosen as part of the 63 member team to Rio 2016. Jason achieved the Olympic standard prior to Jamaica Senior Trials but failed to make top 3 by end of competition.

“I don’t see no reason for me not to be on the Jamaica Olympic team if I meet all the qualifications”.

“God I trust you. You seen my hard honest work. I showed the world my dedication and determination thru my daily post. Thru good and bad i have faith. Thru good and bad i will look to you. I am a praying man, i will keep on believing that doors will be open in the name of Jesus.”


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“I need help. Why my journey have to be so hard? I did everything I suppose to. I work hard honestly. I prayed and i throw the Olympic qualifying standard. I work a full time job and I sacrificed it all for my self family, friends and fans. I train and compete without a coach. What else should i have done? God please, you promise me you will never leave me or forsake me. So i trust you. I am humble and patient. I believe the JAAA will come thru for me.”

Friends and family have expressed their dismay:

“Why is he left off the team can we get some info about this please?!”

“Right yah now me vex rasta imagine you coach yourself work a nine to five job and can still qualify for the Olympics and they leave you out the team. Injustice rasta trust me vex till me cah vex no more. Jason Dadz Morgan for Rio free up the man and let him represent our country”


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