Attorney General Announces Legislative Changes

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Attorney General, Marlene Malahoo Forte says radical legislative changes will be made to tackle the growing crime problem affecting the country.

The Attorney General says, to successfully tackle the murder problem, some fundamental rights and freedoms which have been guaranteed to the people of Jamaica may have to be infringed.

She states that the evidence being examined, convinces the government that such action may be demonstratively justified in free and democratic society.

According to her, while judicial discretion must be preserved and respected, parliament in exercise of its powers to pass laws for peace, order and good government, will have to set the threshold for consequences that will flow when people choose to murder and cause mayhem.

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Mrs. Malahoo forte says the government will be making changes to the Bail Act again.

Additionally, the government will amend the Criminal Justice Administration Act, the Jury Act, the Evidence Act, Offences Against Person Act, among others.

She says the sentiment is that there should be no bail for murder, unless self defence arises on the crown’s case and the likelihood of an acquittal is high.

Mrs. Malahoo forte was making her contribution to the sectoral debate in parliament yesterday (July 5, 2016).

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