Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller (Opposition Leader)

2016 was the year of Jamaica’s
General Election popularly dubbed #JaVote2016. The number 16 is quite
significant in many forms; in the bible the number 16 is said to represent
“love”. According to Apostle Paul,
in his first book to the Corinthian
, states that there are sixteen distinct
things about the quality of love that God has. In Jamaica’s number one betting
game “Cash Pot”, the #16 means anything young or green which identified Andrew
Holness as the man, while according to the Chinese Zodiac, 2016 is the
year of the monkey. The monkey is a clever animal. It is usually compared
to a smart person. However, for the PNP, 2016 is the year of catastrophe.

ALL roads lead to the general
election as touted by the then Prime Minister, Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller
on January 31, 2016 when the February 25th date was announced at the PNP’s Mass
Rally in Halfway Tree, St. Andrew Jamaica. According the former Prime Minister
“They have been calling for elections for a long time. Dem get it now
and dem going get a whipping” and it was then that the JLP lit
their candles sing their sanky and drove around the island, although affected
by the bad gas, sprinkling commitments of blessings to the desperate and needy
citizens who has been held hostage in an austerity International Monetary Fund
(IMF) agreement, managed by the now conservative PNP Government. While Holness was promised a good
ass wipping by Most. Hon Simpson Miller aka Mama P, he received counselling
from his masters of public speaking and research, the Hon. Bruce Golding and
Most Hon Edward Seaga (Former Prime Ministers). Holness received his best year
of schooling from these two great men and after sobbing at the great threat of
a good ass wipping, occasionally smiled and hummed, then sang “look at me
now” by Nesbeth which bolstered his confidence at the polls.

On February 21, 2016 The Jamaica
Gleaner published “Forecast: PNP Wins!!! Portia set to remain
PM after the election, University Team projects 40 seats for the PNP with a 56%
winning for the PNP and 44% winning for the JLP”
.  This
publication went viral and the PNP consumed much of the hot air touted by the
paper. The campaign was set in a relax mode as the “hot air winnings”
was inevitable.  On February 22, 2016 the Jamaica Gleaner then published
that the RJR Don Anderson Poll results showed that the PNP was ahead of the JLP
in a favourbility poll at 30.8% and 28% respectively; this stalled the PNP’s
efforts to accelerate, as no way on this unlevelled playing field that it was
now ever necessary for the driver to sink the gas pedal in the jeep and
absolutely no way was the JLP capable of fixing their engine seemingly affected
by the imported bad gas. On February 23, 2016 as the coal stoves were packed
with fine, dried chips and coal, the Jamaica Observer published an article purporting
the views of the then director of elections, Danville Walker who unzipped a
great concern many had of the party to safeguard the election which he described
as the new game more possible than stealing a candy from a baby, the article
drew much attention with its catchy title ” They will steal the election
if they can”, however, having consumed much of the university over-rated
and under prepared antibiotic , the PNP needed not to steal the election
anymore because VICTORY was supposed to be uttered from the lips of the now director
of election, Orette Fisher.Now with all that was touted from
even the halls of the most rated university in the Caribbean; the estimation,
calculation, prediction and “pollidiction” was all incorrect as
evidently the JLP won the election with 32 seats of the 63 seats.  Some
pundits classified the election as a narrow and thin line victory but an ugly
win is better than a pretty loss. However, most critics failed to analyze the
victory objectively. Unlike the PNP that is known as the people’s choice, the
JLP was never the people’s favoured party, so not favoured that the JLP loss at
the polls on December 29, 2011 was 21 to the PNP’s 42 seats, an ugly loss. Now
to objectively look at the victory, one must admit the what is normal- that
Jamaica is a PNP country, but for the JLP to enter the PNP COUNTRY’s 2016
election, with only 1/3rd or 21 seats of the 63 and gained 11 additional seats
in order to win with 32 seats, is nothing to really consider and classify as a
small win, as this victory might be hanging on one seat but won 11 to their
meega 21 making this victory likkle but tallawah and tallawah and as the
Jamaican proverb said “one one cocoa full basket” was the message Holness
communicated to every candidate on a JLP ticket, who ran in the 2016 general
election.Again, the year of the monkey is
nothing to joke around, as the PM is shaping up to be one of Jamaica’s most
strategic Prime Minister to ever take a seat in that office on Hope Road. He
has seemingly not ceased his campaign, still bringing that message of
prosperity and simultaneously hitting the nails on the head, one by one with
the implementation of his 10 point plan which covertly is actually the PNP’s 10
ways to trick Jamaicans. In my previous blog, I have outlined just some of the
ways Holness is hitting the right nails and certainly piercing some serious
holes into the PNP’s past, present and future.

Most Hon. Andrew Holness (Prime Minister of Jamaica)

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The 2016 Local Government
Election is in the air and that in itself has captured the PNP’s attention and
loss the JLP’s attention as they must focus more on the operation of the
country. However, with Holness at the wicket, here are my views of the innings
forecast to the PNP’s CATASTROPHE:

  1. The
    infighting between Golding, White and Campbell for the South St. Andrew to
    replace Dr. Omar Davis shall be a bloody bath, has already Golding has sunk his
    teeth into the seat trying to tear his share, with hopes of starving Campbell and groaning and White. This
    infighting as left the fielders clustered and no one in the wide to bottle
    Holness’ firm swing at the first over which will gain some level of free
    momentum and runs, leaving the West Kingston Local Government in the hands of
    the JLP. 
  2. The
    Infighting between Bunting, Golding, Phillips and Portia for the presidency of
    the party will leave flesh wounds, missing teeth and unresurrected souls in
    September, as already Bunting is shaping up for the seat with his silent approach
    with business confidence; Golding has signaled that whilst he enjoy some good
    business relationship with Bunting, he too has a political ambition is giving
    the nod to his colleagues at the Bar; Peter who has lost previously is although
    an old school candidate for the presidency and lack confidence in his approach again
    and would perhaps have the best shot at it this time around, isn’t making too
    much noise, perhaps guided by the another Jamaican proverb that says “empty
    barrel makes the most noise”; Mrs. Simpson Miller has not sounded her trumpet,
    however, she has been seen lately on social media on interviews (unprecedented)
    and has seemingly learnt a thing or two to pose for a selfie.
  3. The infighting
    between the Burkes and Hanna for the leadership of the party isn’t a silent
    one. As Hanna who is now a three term MP has won the confidence of many as
    being a suitable replacement and one who can better resonate with the youths which gives her the nod over the Burkes.
  4. After 10 years
    of a Trafigura Scandal, The High Court Judge, Justice Lenox Campbell has now
    ordered that a subpoenas be served on Mrs. Simpson Miller, along with Collin
    Campbell, Phillip Paulwell, Robert Pickersgill and Norton Hinds to appear
    before the court for questioning regarding the donation of US$31 million
    dollars towards the PNP campaign financing in 2006 for the 2007 election.  According the Gleaner, All five members of
    the PNP are to be served with the subpoena by Thursday and are to appear before
    the court on Monday, June 6, 2016.  On
    September 20, 2013 the Constitutional Court ruled that there are no constitutional
    grounds that would prevent Mrs. Simpson Miller, PNP Chairman Robert
    Pickersgill, Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell, former MP, Colin Campbell, and
    businessman Norton Hinds, answering questions from Dutch investigators under
    oath in open court in the Trafigura case. If this
    matters commence, there is a high expectation that all persons involved in this
    scandal will be asked by the several governance oversight bodies to remove
    themselves from public office as Collin Campbell was asked to step down from
    his Information and Development Ministerial Post in the then PNP. This will the
    duppy that haunts the old gatekeepers of the Peoples National Party.
  5. The Holness
    Administration has been long calling for the Finsac Report. According the Television Jamaica (TVJ), the Report is now completed and will be presented to the Governor General.
    It is also expected that the findings will be made public, to edify Jamaica as
    a nation, to the pitfall as a 3rd world country in the 90s, in
    order to pave a path of prosperity going forward. The collapse of the 1990s Financial
    Sectors lead to many banks closing its doors and businesses running in bankrupt
    under the Peoples National Party government. This report will more importantly
    lead to the retirement of several of the old big wigs of the PNP, creating an
    opportunity for the old party to refresh itself and contribute more
    meaningfully to the development of Jamaica.
  6. Lastly, the sale of the 338 room Oceana Hotel Scandal. Words are that another PNP big wig benefited significantly from this sale. Minister of Finance Audley Shaw last week lit the candle on this cake and the icing has already began to melt. More is expected to unfold during the year of PNP’s Catastrophe.


Chinese New Year (The Year of the Monkey)

conclusion, it would appear that the ghosts of the PNP Administration has risen
and it will take a lot of garlic portion to put this back to rest. The results
of these ghosts haunting the PNP might put the Micheal Manley founded party in retirement
for a minimum of 15 years or three terms as this is indeed the year of the
Monkey and great wisdom.There is but
one question to ask; Is this a strategy by the Andrew Holness Administration to
retire Mrs. Simpson Miller, Dr. Phillips, Dr. Davis, The Burkes, Rev. Ronald Thwaites,
Pickersgill and several of the old guards? 

This was written by Krisho
Holmes. You may contact Krisho Holmes via email at 

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