Laden Says Delus Killed Himself On Camera & Told His Reasons [MUST WATCH]

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Dancehall artiste Laden was shook by the incident, as Delus was a real friend, who had celebrated his birthday just a few days ago.

On last Friday’s Entertainment report Laden spoke about what Delus was
saying on the videotape and his reason for wanting to take his owning

“Me and the man ah par the last couple of days, we play ball together, we hang out,” Laden told reporter.

“The man live across from Big Ship so mi see him pull up with two girls, he was coming from the beach, and mi hail him and say mi a go buy some liquor fi my birthday ting, and when mi forward in, the whole place quiet, mi think say a police come lock off the ting, and when mi hear from the shout, Delus kill himself, mi unda a terrible meds right now, ah mi dawg, mi caan believe him do that to himself,”
he added.

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