God Sent The Rainbow Sign (No More Water The Fire Next Time)

The American and rainbow flags being flown at half-mast at the United States Embassy in Kingston recently.

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Marlene Mahaloo Forte is our 48th attorney general (AG), the eighth since 1962, and the second female. We spurn our history as “colonial”, but the story of this illustrious office should be written; her chapter starts badly.

Women should run things, as men failed us for 40 years, but Marlene was gratuitously offensive to an old friend and benefactor because they value and celebrate all their people. Michael Manley sent a USA ambassador packing on well-enunciated grounds, not snide remarks, and he took the consequences with courage. We now have a flaming bigot and a coward. This LGBT thing is boring.

The anti-gay ferret out the few

Bible quotes and ignore the many others on loving, “thou shall not kill” and forgiveness. Do gays pose a threat to our laws that she tweets idiocy? The constitution says, “There shall be an attorney general who shall be the principal legal adviser to the Government of Jamaica.” We are royally screwed when our AG negotiates with openly gay trade, aid and foreign service mandarins of the UK, USA, EU, Canada; UNESCO, UNICEF, etc. We are out of sync with those who gave us the

Bible, but we are holier, that’s why God gives us peace and prosperity. You wish! Canada has just warned its citizens about our murder rate and some 900 of us who applied for asylum abroad may presage a fall-off in tourism, now our AG hoists her anti-rainbow standard. Jamaica and the Diaspora will bear the consequences of this idiocy.

By data our specialty is murder, but we have funny uncles, aunts; but none threatens the law. Leviticus affirms a gay presence millennia ago not appreciated; but Jesus did not abuse gays, yet we spin Jewish history to suit our prejudice. We hate gays, white people do not, but claim they brainwashed us with the

Bible Idiots!

Our AG may not be seized with the gravitas of governance, but the collateral damage of her faux pas will soon be evident. I advise people to sanitise their social media presence before applying for a big job and it applies equally to those who have a big job and want to keep it.

Marlene ignites a firestorm of hate. The subterfuge of a “personal opinion” fools no one. Said female person is also the AG of Jamaica one body, one mouth, one brain, one bigoted belief; voilà Marlene! This clich à may promote hate crime and to incite may be a crime too test it. The sophistry lay people use to cover their tracks is not available to high office. We rum talk at parties and on social media, but the AG of Jamaica does not have this luxury. The last Jamaica Labour Party AG dithered months to extradite Dudus, who promptly pleaded guilty and shamed them. This AG is now skewered on a small barb of idiocy and twists, turns like a worm on a hook no escaping consequences. Is this a safe pair of hands for legal advice?

After three centuries the office of AG is now in disrepute. What trust can the LGBT, friends, family, folk have? Think, if past cases she heard on the bench are queried what would emerge — test it? Bigotry is not grown in 100 days. Going forward will she recuse herself when people object to her sitting? The rainbow flag stuck in her craw, but in prophetic terms it may be a blessing.

The stanza, “God gave Noah the rainbow sign/no more water the fire next time.” James Baldwin’s

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The Fire Next Time and Genesis 9: 11 are apposite. This book was once de rigueur for conscious students. Any out there? The rainbow is God’s pact with man. He did not destroy man; what gives you the right? The febrile nature of hate, sexism, racism says those in office must not engage in risqué behaviour and feed this monster. The incident is small, but magnified by office, so offence taken will endure and permeate all issues. Will Kamina Johnson Smith have this load to bear every time she boards a flight? Live and let live — though some Africans are cannibals; God made poisonous plants; lions eat flesh, cattle grass, we eat both; One love!

We invested a lot in our youth so we expect them to be brighter and better. We hold Holness and team to a higher standard as they saw what worked, what did not, and have modern tools. So when we see old habits we shout out or we change “black dog for monkey!” So we cannot abuse or kill people because they are different. Those who committed Taino genocide in their own land did not do the same to us — we too must show compassion.

To some “Thou shalt not be LGBT” is an order. I saw a

Channel 4 series on people born with both a penis and a vagina; their mental agony to choose which organ the surgeon should excise was palpable as sex is of the brain so the body may be tailored. Kids born with withered hand, club foot, 12 fingers, hole in the heart have surgery to make them as God intended. Creation needs help, that’s why the enviro fight for Cockpit Country is worthy.

Bigots ignore commandments so we see no tweets about killers or friends in adultery. Commandment #6: Do not kill; #7: Do not commit adultery; #8: Do not steal, are also law, but no posse attacks or kills miscreants. Why? We choose sins for convenience and incest, adultery, gluttony do not suit us.

Why are gays the focus of non-gay people? Is foreign direct investment turned off by LGBT people? Are tourists not coming because of them? Religious bigots and wrong-headed politicians seem more concerned with penis, anus, vagina than murder, adultery and stealing? Let’s target adulterers and fornicators? They are all around us as men, women breed like rabbits, and so Adventist Andrews ramps up sanctions. Bubba says, “Doc, ah try but ah can’t stop breed ooman cause a di slavery ting in me blood; a di English man fault!” Right! The anti-LGBT bigots have no interest in killers, but two men behind a door ignite an angry posse. Is there ever a posse formed to look for a child killer or an adulterer? Hmmmm?

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Marlene may not be a hateful person but insults our intelligence to use her office to make hate look pretty and then invent an alter ego to take the rap young body, old manipulative mind. She is damaged. The legal affairs of Jamaica and our foreign relations may not fare well under her reign of error. How will PM Holness securitise the national interest? Stay conscious.

Franklin Johnston, D Phil (Oxon), is a strategist and project manager. Send comments to the Observer or


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