Delus Complained Of Catching ‘HERPES’ On Video – Said Police

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The Police Investigation concluded that recording artiste, Delus committed suicide by shooting himself twice but not before complaining about contracting herpes on camera.

Delus, whose given name is Delmark Spence, is the older brother of popular dancehall entertainer, Konshens.

The death of the 35-year old is sending shock waves through the entertainment fraternity. Police investigators say just before 7:00 last evening Delus sent a video to a female indicating that he was about to take his life.

The woman drove to his Havendale home. She arrived on the scene just after 7:00 and screamed “NO!” But it was too late. The artiste had already committed suicide.

Police sources say Delus appeared to have videotaped himself while he used a pistol to discharge a gunshot into his stomach. He then fired into his head.

Detective Inspector Phillip Dodd say the Police have confirmed that Delus took his own life.

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Law enforcement sources say on a video tape found on his mobile phone Delus complained about contracting herpes and expressed anger at circumstances surrounding his family life.


Detective Inspector Dodd declined to say much when asked whether the Police know why the affable and jovial entertainer ended his life.


In the meantime, addressing a media conference this afternoon, Head of the Criminal Investigation Bureau, Ealan Powell, said Delus used his licensed gun to commit suicide.


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