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Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL)

The Board of Directors of Supreme Ventures Limited is pleased to announce the Group’s
unaudited financial results for the six-month period, 1st January 2015 to
30th June 2015.

The Group’s net profit after tax was $705.042M for the six-month period, which represents an
increase of 62.87% or $272.170M, when compared to $432.872M in net profit after tax for the
comparative six-month period of 2014.

The increase in net profit after tax was directly attributable to strong sales in the lottery segment,
in particular, Lotto revenues for the historic jackpot of $395M, as well as positive contributions
from Top Draw and Money Time game revenues. The Cash Pot game performed within the
designed game liability of 72.22%, thereby positively impacting the Group’s gross profit results.
The volatility of this game’s prize liability has in the past resulted in prize winnings in excess
of the game design, resulting in a negative impact on the Group’s profitability.

The Group’s EBITDA of $1.135B increased by $436.577M or 62.52% over the corresponding
6-month period in 2014. There was also a significant increase in gross profit of $2.430B or
24.46%, compared to $1.953B for the comparative 6-month period in 2014.

The Group’s total revenues grew by 9.85% for the six-month financial period to $22.175B or a
$1.990B increase, compared to $20.186B in total revenues for the corresponding period in 2014.

Market Value of Shares Outstanding:     $12,526,960,899.00
Shares Outstanding:     2,637,254,926 units
Week to Date:     5.56%
Month to Date:     1.06%
Quarter to Date:     -5.00%
Year to Date:     2.37%


K.L.E. Group Limited (KLE)

The KLE Group is redefining the standard of premium entertainment in
Jamaica by creating revolutionary brands that cater to new dimensions of
a contemporary lifestyle. Through unique innovation, unparalleled
service and an astute business management approach, The KLE Group
delivers top quality.


In 2008, seven young entrepreneurs – Kevin Bourke, David &
Stephen Shirley, Gary & Tina Matalon, Craig Powell and Zuar Ard
Jarrett – merged minds and defined how entertainment should be.

Out of our common vision, the KLE Group (aka Kingston Live
Entertainment Group) was born. The dynamism of the group and the
collective expertise has been our strength. Focused on nightlife
entertainment, we launched our first venture in December 2008, the
uber-chic Fiction Lounge in Kingston.
Dedicated to delivering a full sensory VIP experience combined with
outstanding décor and design, Fiction Lounge surpassed expectations.

On the heels of Fiction’s success, we went in pursuit of our 2nd
venture developing a brand that perfectly blended music, food, culture,
sports and entertainment in one destination. This idea was brought to
life in partnership with one of the world’s most marketable athletes and
‘Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records’ opened in April 2011.

Market Value of Shares Outstanding:     $103,000,000.00
Shares Outstanding:     100,000,000 units
Week to Date:     0.00%
Month to Date:     -35.63%
Quarter to Date:     -50.95%
Year to Date:     -44.92%



Caribbean Cream Limited (KREMI)

Caribbean Cream Ltd was incorporated in 2006 and is a manufacturer and
distributor of Ice Cream and Ice Cream related products under the
“Kremi” brand.  The Company manufactures twenty different flavours in 3
Gallon, 1.5 Gallon and quart sizes, as well as three flavours of Ice
Cream Cake. We are also the distributor of the Flavorite brand of frozen
novelties from Trinidad.

Caribbean Cream was started in November of 2005 by its current CEO,
Christopher Clarke who grew up in the Ice Cream industry.  Christopher
is the son of Carol Clarke-Webster, the Managing Director and founder of
Scoops Unlimited the manufacturers of Devon House I Scream. Caribbean
Cream was started because Christopher saw a need for a better tasting
alternative in the standard ice cream market.

Caribbean Cream distributes its products by selling it wholesale to
retailers who then sell it to the end consumers. The retailers in our
case tend to be other business owners with Scoop Shops or mobile vendors
also known as “fudgies” or “creamies”. These retailers will buy the
bulk 3 Gallon tub and sell individual Scoops to the consumers.

Caribbean Cream out grew its original location at 11 Derrymore Road and
in May 2010 moved to its current home at 3 South Road in Kencot.

Market Value of Shares Outstanding:     $1,669,485,387.00
Shares Outstanding:     378,568,115 units
Week to Date:     -0.23%
Month to Date:     -7.74%
Quarter to Date:     2.56%
Year to Date:     9.70%

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C2W Music Limited (MUSIC)

C2W Music Ltd will provide viable global opportunities for Caribbean
songwriters and talent to create various genres of music for
international markets while firmly representing, protecting,
administering, collecting and distributing revenue from their
intellectual property rights. We will also provide the identical
representation for our global sub-publishing clients throughout the

Market Value of Shares Outstanding:     $164,000,000.00
Shares Outstanding:     400,000,000 units
Week to Date:     -4.65%
Month to Date:     28.13%
Quarter to Date:     2.50%
Year to Date:     5.13%

AMG Packaging & Paper Company Limited (AMG)

AMG Packaging & Paper Company Limited was incorporated in September after a group of businessmen saw the need for a local manufacturer of boxes. At the time, 95% of boxes were being imported for use in Jamaica. Located in an 8,000 square foot building in the Free Zone, we started with five machines, 12 employees and 20 clients, only producing corrugated cardboard boxes.

2007: Our clientele increased to 200 clients and we purchased a 20,000 square foot building at 10 Retirement Crescent. New machines were bought to broaden AMG’s manufacturing potentials, with the manufacturing process being 90% mechanized.

2011: AMG was listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market. Since then, we further developed our product range, purchased machinery that has allowed us to reduce wastage, and further expanded our business to include corrugated packaging materials. View AMG IPO Investor Briefing.

2013 A new warehouse was built to improve our inventory management.

2015: AMG was granted ISO 9001:2008 Certification by the National Certification Body of Jamaica. This quality management system is globally recognized. Some of the benefits include: better operational efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction and improved quality products. View AMG ISO 9001:2008 Certification Ceremony.

Market Value of Shares Outstanding:     $1,269,497,827.00
Shares Outstanding:     102,378,857 units
Week to Date:     0.00%
Month to Date:     3.33%
Quarter to Date:     12.73%
Year to Date:     77.14%

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