Mario Daley and Curtis Martin (Abductees)
On October 21, 2013 Mario Daley and Curtin Martin were
abducted from their three bedroom Kirkland Heights Apartment. Approximately
three years after, no sign of Mario Daley and Curtis Martin and no closure.
The friendship between Mario Daley and Curtis Martin emerged
approximately 7 years ago, when Mario received his acceptance letter from the
University of Technology to pursue his Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel Tourism
and Hospitality (HTM). Mario who was originally from St. Elizabeth sought to
find a place to reside by contacting his network of friends, he was introduced
to Curtis Martin who lived at East Kirkland Heights in Kingston, Jamaica, in a three bedroom
apartment  previously occupied by Anthony
Mathew Johns  who had migrated to the
United States of America. Curtis Martin who was a young businessman considered
Mario’s need and rented Mario a one bedroom and shared facilities. Mario lived at
East Kirkland Height during the period of his studies.
During the month of October, Curtis Martin received a call
from Anthony Mathew John (Previous Occupant) and an arguments ensued. Curtis
became concerned, scared and threatened informed Anthony Mathew Johns of his
decision to vacate the apartment on or before October 25, 2013. Mario who
learned of the arguments also attempted to locate a safe haven suitable for his
budget, but was futile in his search.
Later that month a discussion between Anthony and Curtis
developed and an arrangement was made to sell furniture which was left in the
Apartment by Anthony prior to his departure. Several pieces of furniture left
in the apartment was arranged by Anthony for sale or by way of disposal before
Mario and Curtis’ departure, which also included a wooden framed display showcase
previously used in Anthony’s local business.
On October 21, 2013 Anthony contacted Curtis Martin and
informed him that a woman was on her way to view and possibly purchase the
showcase. At approximately 08:30pm, three persons including one woman arrived
at the East Kirkland Apartment to view and possibly purchase the showcase.
Curtis who was previously informed of this visit, remotely opened the vehicular
gate and the guest drove the car down to the apartment’s gate. The female
exited the car and entered the apartment located at the rear of the premises to
view the showcase along with the two men who accompanied her, a gun was drawn
by one of the guest and Curtis Martin was greeted with the plot of his final
day at East Kirkland Heights.
In fear of his life he begged for mercy, with tears drowning
his pupils, they tied his hands and gagged his mouth.  Silently crying and sobbing, the sound of fear
alerted the third occupant of the apartment. She existed her room to the
surprise of a gun, three strangers and Curtis Martin on the floor helpless.
They tied her and equally gagged her while Curtis Martin was escorted to the
stranger’s vehicle, suddenly Mario who was asleep awakened from his bed, confused,
shocked and dumbed by the events perfectly described as a nightmare. The men
became aware of his presence, returned and uttered “we tekking this pretty one”. He was gagged, tied and forcefully removed
from the place he called home for the last four years.  The third occupant of the apartment was left
behind, where she freed herself with a scissors on a nearby table and reported
the abduction to the Constant Spring Police Station.
On October 22, 2013 news broke that Mario Daley and Curtis
Martin were abducted. The third occupant of the house contacted the abductees
close friends and informed them of the unforgettable and heart-rending
abduction which left each and everyone still. The feeling of doubt pervaded the minds, leaving
everyone, close and by way of familiarity with unstoppable tears, unconvinced
that this day had occurred and those who were leased expected to have been
stolen from this world, was actually gone without a trace.
Mario Daley and Curtis Martin (Abductees)
Upon hearing the about the abduction, Friends of Mario
Daley and Curtis Martin visited the Constant Spring Police Station and provided
as much information necessary to assist with the breakthrough of this case. Later
that week, the police were able to identified both Mario and Curtis’ phones and
laptop which were later perused by the police for stronger leads.

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On November 5, 2013 three persons of interest were picked
up by the police to face identity parade. The three persons of interest were
positively identified who are known as Dionne Mitchell and Damion Lawrence from
Papine, St Andrew and Evon Simmonds from a Waterhouse address in Kingston. All
three abductors were charged with robbery with aggravation and illegal
possession of a firearm, however, the abductors refused to disclose the
whereabouts of Mario Daley and Curtis Martin.
It was later learned that the Mastermind who lives
overseas, Anthony Mathew Johns promised to pay the abductors $330,000.00 to make
the abduction of Mario Daley and Curtis Martin but only paid a total of
$30,000.00. The discussion between the adductors and the mastermind regarding
the balance of the money failed to convince the mastermind to pay over the rest
who stated that it would be risky and would lead to traceable evidence linking
him to the case.
Families, friend and relatives of Mario Daley pooled their
resources together to assist to locate both men. The local news media assisted
to create awareness around this case as the police continued their
investigation. A group of Friends launched an “Help Find Mario and Curtis”
Facebook Like Page, which assisted much with the flow and update of
information.  On November 15, 2013 a
Press Conference was convened at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, where friends
bravely called on the abductors to return both Mario Daley and Curtis Martin,
with hopes of them being alive. Both Parents of Mario Daley and Curtis Martin
were in attendance who sat still and grapple with the real and unwelcoming
circumstance surrounding their child, Mario Daley…Gone without a trace.
Approximately nine month later the prosecution of the
Abduction of Mario Daley and Curtis Martin Case awaits DNA evidence and phone
record to analyze the abduction of the men. Information received from the DNA
results on May 28, 2014 alluded to the Abduction case being upgraded to murder.
The abductors were scheduled for court on July 4, 2014. On August 31, 2015 the
journey of investigation in the abduction of Mario Daley and Curtis Martin were
deemed closed. Closed with no signs and evidence of Mario Daley and Curtis

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While the state has declared this case closed, we the
friends of Mario Daley and Curtis Martin will not cease until Mathew Anthony
Johns turn himself in to the Police and the FULL CLOSURE is achieved.

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