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The community of Waterford in Portmore St Catherine is known to produce many talents in the field of music, poetry, sports , etc. Over the years we have Ricky General, Warrior King , Jamaica athlete star Jason “Dadz” Morgan & Warren Weir , Shawn Storm , Gaza Tussan ,and the dancehall’s hero Vybz Kartel aka World Boss. All products of the well popular area of Waterford who have excelled far in their careers.

World Magazine Jamaica the other day meant up with another young talent by the name of Gary Tolan in Mocho, Clarendon over the Easter holiday. Now Mr. Tolan is not a DJ nor is he a athlete,  but he play a very strong roll into the music field as a music manager and producer. We did and Q & A with Mr. Tolan to get know more about him, check it out
Q: So Tolan where are you originally from?
A: Well I’m originally from Waterhouse enuh , born and raised there , dun know Drumalie Av. I later moved from there at the age of 10 and went to live with my grandmother in Waterford (5th Phase) right pon the mad rass Gaza.
Q: So Tolan what mainly you do in music?
A: Well I’m the owner of T.357 Music Group. T.357 Music Group is a label that focus on music productions and managing of upcoming artiste. It’s a young label so you know it’s not that major as yet, but I’m getting there. My aim with T.357 Music is to help ghetto youths with a musical talent get a fwd in the business. Dun know nuff big producers nuh wah work with the yute dem, so I will cause I believe in the ghetto youths dem.
Q: What are whom inspired you to take on this line of work?
A: Well growing up in Waterhouse which is a musical environment made me very interested to do something pertaining music. But mainly my inspiration stem from late King Tubby who is my cousin and Vybz Kartel , me general, and my beautiful wife Tamra. She is my true inspirational force now.
Q: So who are the artiste you are currently working with? (Managing)
A: Well at the moment I’m not doing anymore musical management until I find a artiste worthy to work with and not one who tend to have a badmind tendency. Let’s just keep like that hombre.
Q: So what projects do you have out there now?
A: I have the Futuristic Era Riddim and the Determine Riddim. But now I’m currently promoting the Determine Riddim which features Shawn Storm, Jahvillani , Damas , Brown Gad , Don J1, Shana Bliss , and Young Degenerates. Both of these projects are now available for sales on iTunes , Amazon, and all dem places deh
Q: So Tolan who is your favorite upcoming artiste on the Gaza now?
A: (Laughter) Well to be honest two artiste me rate now pon the Gaza, and that’s a artiste by the name of John D and Gaza Tussan. Yea they have the real talent to reach far in this here music business.
 Nah lie though Tussan, him ago reach very far. Real yute him be, very humble and not a hype bredda. Me rate dat about him.
Q: So what you have plan for the rest of 2016?
A: Well I have few more projects to release. I have a new Riddim by the name of “Thug Angel” which I co-produced with Intiple Productions slated to release sometime in the year. I have few more works in progress, but less elaboration about them, when they fwd y’all will see.

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Q: Do you think Vybz Kartel and the rest of the crew would beat their appeal?
A: Well yes I do believe they will beat their appeal and do road again. Society don’t like when a ghetto youth have more influential power over them. Vybz Kartel , Shawn Storm , Kyro , Mad Suss all will do road soon before 2016 is finish hombre. Gaza Nation force is way more powerful than Babylon and their trickery and illusion that had been using on the ghetto people.
For more info about Gary Tolan and his T.357 Music Group please visit these links below

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