Most. Hon. Portia Simpson Miller (Former Prime Minister of Jamaica)

Jamaica has on Thursday February 25, 2016 elected a new government and booted the People’s National Party. On Thursday, March 3, 2016 the Hon. Andrew Michael Holness was sworn in as the ninth Prime Minister of Jamaica, now to be addressed as the Most. Honourable according to protocol.

At the Inaugural Ceremony held at the Office of the Governor General, King’s House, located at Hope Road, Kingston 6, thousands of Jamaicans and International Officials were in attendance. Before the start of the ceremony distinguish guests took their seats and so did the now leader of the opposition the Most. Hon. Portia Simpson Miller who was greeted with insults of “boos” and so on. Firstly, as a Jamaican I took great insult to this reaction by the crowd to have greeted the eighth Prime Minister of Jamaica in such an unaccepted and low manner. No matter which party you are aligned to, the Office of the Prime Minister and those who occupy that Office must be treated with the highest level of respect and diplomacy.


Mrs. Miller was born on December 12, 1945 and grew up in the community of Wood Hall in St. Catherine. She attended the Marlie Hill Elementary School. In 1976 Mrs. Miller was elected as the Member of Parliament for the constituency of South West, St. Andrew where she has represented that constituency some forty (40) years later. During her political career, she has served in several ministerial capacities which include Minister of Welfare and Sport, Minister of Tourism and Minister of Local Government. Her education capacity has however, always been called into question but Mrs. Miller has never publicly personally disclosed her Curriculum Vitae as many women who come under those pressure would. Mrs. Miller hold a BA in the field of Public Administration from the Union Institute and University of Cincinati, Executive Programme Certificate for Leaders in Development from the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and later received an honourary doctorate degree from the Northern Caribbean University. Mrs Simpson Miller is no dunce and no push over.

Most. Hon. Portia Simpson Miller (Former Prime Minister of Jamaica)


Tanya Stephens in her prelude ” I am woman” said I am woman, too big to ignore… Mrs. Miller a woman, too big to be ignored in a country such as Jamaica which democracy and the highest offices has been “masculinated” since its independence. Mrs. Miller has broken every expectation, prophesy and prediction about her performance. To be a woman in the most powerful office of Jamaica, leading the second poorest english speaking country in the caribbean is the biggest burden, similarly shared by single mothers with a family of one, two, three, four or five ungrateful children, the burden is great and only require the real strength of a woman.

Mrs. Miller is to be crowned, decked in robes of gold, rubies and sparkling diamonds for being the first woman to sit in such an office, risen from the rural community of Wood Hall, from penury to diplomatic royalty. She has been attacked by her own colleagues, opposition and social media. She has in her reign experienced the harshest criticism surpassing the questionable sexual orientation of the Most. Hon PJ Patterson, Mrs. Miller has truly demonstrated that she is not afraid of “nuh gal, nuh bwoy…nuh day!!!” It takes a real woman and the Most. Hon. Simpson Miller has done it like a gladiator.

Mama P, you have done it and while you are on top of your game, we say thank you. As a real champion who is not defeated merely by polls and elections, now is the time to put on the biggest smile, blow us the biggest kiss and offer your royal wave to us your harshest critiques. It is time for you to now enjoy the fruits of your labour with your loving husband, brother, nieces and nephews as perhaps no other woman will ever be able to do what you have done and endured which you have endured. You have never naturally or otherwise parented children, but you have mothered 10822 citizens of South West, St. Andrew and for which they continue to express their love for you.

A much larger number than that loves you and truly applaud you for your efforts and strides made firstly as a woman and secondly as the only woman to represent Jamaica as a Prime Minister. You have received many awards including your Time 100 most influential woman and from all of us to you, we present you with the award of being Jamaica’s First Woman of the Office of the Prime Minister.

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