Court Orders Freeze Gordon Butch Stewart Assets

The court has freeze the assets of local hotelier Gordon Butch Stewart, until he pays up some outstanding legal costs.

This after Noel Slowley went to the Supreme Court on March 11,2016 and got an order freezing Stewarts share in his company Gorstew Limited, to recover legal cost amount to $40  m.

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The order will remain in force until Stewart pays the money.

The matter stems from an application Stewart made in the Supreme Court in 2009, claiming that he was liabled in an email allegedly sent from a computer at Mr. Slowleys company in Montego Bay.

Stewart was instructed by the court to have forensic experts search the computers at Mr. Slowley’s company.

Stewart claimed then that the search was stopped by the directors of Slowleys company and Stewart sought to have the directors jailed for disobeying a court order.

The matter was thrown out by the court and attempts by Stewart to appeal the ruling also failed.

The court awarded damages to Slowley and his company in the amount of over $40 m.

In court yesterday, Slowley applied for and was granted an order to freeze Stewart’s assets until the money has been paid.

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