Anju Blaxx Back In Jamaica

MUSIC producer Anju Blaxx’ trial date for mail and wire fraud is set for May 24 before United States District Judge Daniel Houland.

Blaxx (given name Andrew Sayeed Myrie) was granted a 30-day release to visit Jamaica when he appeared in the Federal District Court in Bismarck, North Dakota, recently.
He is charged with mail and wire fraud in connection with telemarketing fraud. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

“On January 14, he was granted a 30-day waiver to visit Jamaica to conduct business, then return to the US. He was released on bond … and filed an appearance bond of US$500,000,” Rob Andrews, US District Court Clerk in North Dakota, told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

Blaxxx is represented by attorneys Nathan Diamond and Chad McCabe.The US District Court Clerk is unaware if the producer was back on US soil, but said “he should be”.

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According to court documents, Myrie’s attorneys initally filed a motion to dismiss the case. The court ruled to deny the motion to dismiss the indictment. However, a stipulation to modify the conditions of his release was granted.

Blaxxx was arrested by American law enforcement officers at a Florida airport on February 7 last year. He was granted bail when he appeared in court in Florida. The bail order was overturned on the grounds that he was “a substantial flight risk”, resulting in him being sent to North Dakota to face charges.

Blaxxx, CEO and producer of UIM Records, is one of dancehall’s leading producers. He scored big in 2013 with Bugle’s chart-topping hit No Compatible.

Prior to that, he charted with hits from the Purge, 300 Round, Sanction, Journey, Beach Bunx, Coolie Gal, Nymphomaniac and Klappaz rhythms.

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