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As the 2016 General Election Campaign step up from poverty to prosperity, the champions in action will be saddling up for their “first past the post” victory. “Champion Boy” Hon.Andrew Holness, Opposition Leader and “Mama P” Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister both have an optimistic view of the golden seat despite public opinion.

From Left: Andrew Holness, Opposition Leader and Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister (Jamaica Observer)
On Sunday, January 31,2016 the People’s National Party (PNP) held their mass rally in the famous Halfway Tree Square which saw party supporters engulfing acres of Halfway Tree Road as descried by Mrs. Miller as “acres of supporters”. The scenery resembled from a distance as described by some viewers, the insurgence of migrated shrimps from offshore to on-shore washed up by the heavy tide of the PNP’s strategical political machinery. While over in St. Catherine, Old Harbour Road, there gathered a farm of fresh vegetable being nurtured and for the harvesting on February 25, 2016 (General Elections date) by Dr. Andrew Wheatley, MP South Central St. Catherine ; both crowds were overwhelming!!!
After carefully listening to the many personalities that spoke to their crowds and to the media land, the sound bites were similar; saddle up, call it, ring the alarm and sound the trumpet. The overview presented by the finance minister Dr. Peter Phillips and shadow finance minister Audley Shaw were conflicting punches thrown as I heard buffs! and baffs! connecting the jabs, nothing new,in fact…THIS IS JAMAICA’s POLITICAL CULTURE.

As we enter into the this anticipated General Election 2016 tagged as “#javote2016”, there are many things to consider as the “electorate”, “the boss”, “the employer”, “the people who really have the power”, “the real man/woman a yard”, etc…the future of Jamaica is within our votes and the future of our family, children, morals and values can be blighted if we continue to vote along party lines or if we refuse to utilize our citizenship which our ancestors fought for and took great chastisement from Britain. We, you, me, everyone MUST vote in this General Election 2016. It is your duty and perhaps your first duty as a citizen of Jamaica.
Issues to consider are plain and clear for the eyes and ear to see and hear respectively. Gordon House is over aged, over staffed and under performing. Gordon House is where our representations are and for which we place our trust to guide our future and children’s future and for most part, we, at one point in our lives MUST be able to dissolve partisan politics and focus, zoom in on the greater cause of our nation, Jamaica Land we Love.
Many may ask, then what are the issues to consider when going to the poll? Some are morals, values, financial, religious and economical issues.
How does these issue affect you?
Issue such as:

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  1. Gay Marriages can be said to be a moral issue and for which you have been cultured a certain way to think and for which you may or may not accept but is being forced to reconsider. 
  2. Issue such as the way politics is practiced in Jamaica which sees only one party benefiting from the scare resources of government, rather than “love your neighbour as your self” can be a matter of how value is affected. 
  3. The ability to earn a living in Jamaica and achieve an increased standard of living is a financial issue. 
  4. Religions against same sex marriages being forced to accept it despite religious teaching and indoctrination is a Religious Issue and the white washing of the church paying taxes is an issue which Jamaica can no longer cannot continue to sugar coat if ALL and EVERY business is suppose to re-contribute some of its profit to the tax net. 
  5. Lastly, the continued sliding of the local currency against all three major trading currencies which cent by cent erode ALL and EVERY Jamaican ability to move from poverty to prosperity is an Economical Issue.
  6. Securing your investment, such as the Entertainment Industry, Art and Craft, Sport tourism or simply the devaluation of your business and homes through increased crime and population migration.
From Left: JLP Supporter, PNP Support (Jamaica Observer)

During this 2016 political season, let us call and demand from our Political Representatives to listen to our positions on these issues, as it is we that they represent and it is us that they serve and are paid by. Let us demand from them to also publicly state their positions on the issues at hand, so we can truly understand and know who is working within our best interests and for whom we will vote for or employ or re-employ for the next five years. A vote is not just a vote in “INDIRECT DEMOCRACY”, it is the burial and fixed investment of our decisions for the next five years and for which we cannot easily change, neither by strike, retaliation or refferandum. Let us approach the issues at hand with good sense over a good bag of grocery. Let us show politicians who really is the boss and that we will no longer be quiet about the issues facing us.

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