#Voteja2016 Election Poetry


The Election Season is heating up,

And the PNP getting a beating up.
Mama P talking about stepping up,
But the Prosperity Train is not letting up.

Many promises made by PNP,
While some of us still nuh recover from the Chick V.

I am no political analyst, but I will rather smoke a green cannabis. 

The Orange Jeep still cahn start, wasn’t  that a political promise, or a con from a deceptive heart?

PNP tek the green out of the national flag, trick the police, the teachers J.F. L. A. G yeah, yeah, yeah… you know what i meant…The other flag.

Now them marry CCJ issue to the church, what a political ploy dem a try fi unearth.
Fixed election date Andrew commits, but Mama P would have none of it.

A fixed term in Parliament, yuh mad Andrew? Fi put Mama P in a retirement.

Who a guh now feed her hungry pickney, weh nammy nammy and licky licky.

The dollar run off gone a America, it tired fi a suffer in a 

My Ballot is a must, because fi mi future nah huh wreck pon the PNP Bus.

Vote 2016 one and all, 
Because “VOTE OUT THE PNP” is a National call…

Written by Krisho Holmes

To contact Krisho Holmes, you may email at krishoholmes@gmail.com or call (876) 557-0514 Tele/whatapps.

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