Having been fortunate to hear firsthand the creativity of
Adidjah Palmer AKA Vybz Kartel and a fan of creative ideas,  have come to appreciate the art of music and
its ability to tell stories of the normal man or woman whom experiences can be
an exposition in the form of practically any art form, however, music tells the
story with more vibrancy, groove and …GAZA.
Adidjah Palmer AKA Vybz Kartel is simply as words limits an
articulated description, is one who has always seek to write and compose songs
that are different. His approach towards a riddim a fan would describe as
creative and articulate but to be frank, he has applied the theory of
literature in order to bring to life his experiences through music and….GAZA

To be fully equipped as an artiste in the 21st century, is
to first be alive, living, experiencing, analyzing the experiences, interpret
them and creatively put them over a 4/8/16 or 32 bar track.

Let’s delve into the literature of “MONEY PON MI
BRAIN” by Vybz Kartel. 
In the introduction, the artiste repeated “Money pon mi
brain”. Vybz Kartel has, in this song utilized the literary device
“Repetition” to emphasize on his idea or concept in order to make the
song clearer and memorable for the listeners. According to,
Repetition is often used to supplement or even replace some formal components
of poetry, such as meter and rhyme, as well. Repetition may also refer to the
repetition of specific sounds to produce particular effects, such as
alliteration or rhyme. In the first verse “In addi street man a hustle every
day, mi have a burner, mi have a prepay, do the maths Asian Brain, likkle later
bare champagne
In verse 1-(Stanza 1), of the four (4) types of rhymes used
in poetry (End, Internal, feminine and masculine) Vybz Kartel used the effects
of end rhymes to bring across the message on the rhythm or Riddim. The
composition of lyrics in stanza 1 also visualize the effects  to the reader or listener of Vybz Kartel’s
hunger and zeal to achieve his pursuit of money, wealth and success as the
usage of the verb  “HUSTLE”
speaks about increasing in speed and heavy desire. In the last line of stanza
1, “do the maths, Asian Brain” refers to a message sent instructing
the other party “ASIAN BRAIN” -means to pick sense out of non-sense
as we say in Jamaica.

Verse 1-(stanza 2) – “Tida, Finch and Jane, a high
grade we a bring pon plane, she say mi cold, mi say England rain, in a mi room,
she a sing pon cane
“. Again here end rhyme was used to further drive home
the message. In this stanza, “Tida, Finch and Jane” are characters in
the song, who are being told that “A high grade we a bring pon
plane”. To fully understand this stanza, the reader would have to revisit
stanza 1 where the idea of having a burner and prepaid is mentioned. Perhaps
sending a message to the parties that a Compact Disc can be a tool to smuggle
drugs on a plan to England, since music is linked to portable devices such as
CD and Thumb Drives and CD Burners are common tools to duplicate CD in order
for them to still have play quality if tested by Customs. The assumption that
the drugs is headed for England is supported by the third line in stanza 1
she say mi cold, England rain“. In this line Vybz Kartel used both
Metaphor and Pun. “she say mi cold, England rain” which simply could
mean, I am cold, meaning- As cold as rain falling in England or as stated
before to pick sense out of non-sense it could mean drugs headed for England.

Verse 2- (stanza 1)”In addi street man a hunt and
gather, personality cloak and daggar, me a sport a bank robber, in a di weed,
mi a smoke hot grabber
“. In this stanza, Vybz Kartel took his reader and
listener on an Imagery Journey as he use humanity’s first form of technology by
the Hunting and Gathering Societies and modernize it to today’s society, which
he compared as quite similar. The idea of using The Imagery Device is to allow
the read to use his/her senses to imagine the atmosphere 12,000 years ago and
compare it to what he intends it to be now. His description of cloak and dagger
speak to the reader’s and listener’s ability to see him in the street similar
to that of Swashbuckler Drama where the main characters wore cloaks and carried
daggars. The imagery in this stanza also speak to Vybz Kartel’s ability to
cover himself up (Cloak) and changing his personality of one who is warsome
In conclusion the review of the lyrics used in “MONEY PON MI BRAIN” contain literary devices, composed in an articulate form , specifically in literature a closed form with a sonnet. The artiste appears to be saying that human being will do whatever is necessary to increase his or her standard of living, whether it requires changing ones personality by putting on a cloak and harmed with a daggar in order to adapt to the environment and to attract financial stability, wealth and power.
DISCLAIMER: The writer of this article does not seek to suggest that the artiste is by any means involved in drugs or the smuggling of it, but seeks to establish the creativity of Vybz Kartel and literature.

 Written by Krisho Holmes, C/O Y.DAE’S ENT INC

To contact Krisho Holmes, you may email at or call (876) 557-0514 Tele/whatapps.

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