Jamaican Number One In The World In GCE Math 2015

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Achsah Wildish

Jamaican born Achsah Wildish has scored the highest GCE AS-Level maths grades in the world for 2015.

Achsah is a sixth form student at British West Indies Collegiate (BWIC) in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

There was reportedly great excitement at the institution when it was announced that the Cambridge International Examination Board had named sixth form student Achsah Wildish “Top in the World” for her performance in Advanced Subsidiary-Level mathematics.

According to the Observer, AS mathematics is an advanced course that is equivalent to three modules of the complete six at the Advanced Level.

“She not only scored 100 per cent in her AS mathematics examinations, but she has officially topped the world in mathematics,” vice-principal Anthony Wilkinson announced.
Jamaican-born Achsah Wildish tops the world in Math

Jamaican-born Achsah Wildish tops the world in Math via jamaicaobserver.com

Achsah, the daughter of well-known Jamaican building contractor John Wildish, was kept in suspense until the moment her name was called and confessed that she was in shock.
 “I put two and two together to figure I was involved in the assembly, but I didn’t know how or why. So this is all one big surprise,” she said.

She explained that she sat two exams – one in pure mathematics and one in mechanical mathematics.

“To me, this achievement means that I have achieved my goals in mathematics; that I put in the effort, and that it will help me going forward as a recognised awardee, and will help me to get into university and help me develop my future,”
Achsah said.

It came as little surprise to her father, who proclaimed his daughter’s abilities.

“Her mathematics teacher and the school are very supportive, and I think that the work ethic at the school is extremely high and they make the students go the extra mile. Achsah has got talent, and it is hard work on her behalf and good preparation on the school’s behalf, so I am glad for her. I feel very, very happy. She will be able to get into a good college,”
he said.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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