Life is about living and making it as memorable as the mind can imagine. However, many of us, because of our significant challenges, we live a life of grieve and resentfulness, we are seen but we are not told.

Today, I visited one of my co-worker at her desk and we discussed politics, governance, Peter, Portia, Andrew and Audley, we had a spirited discussion for most part, but it dimmed as she began to explain consciously about her situation. She addressed me as my Sir Name “Holmes”.

She said:

Co-worker: “Holmes, do you know that in a few days I will no longer be here?”

Holmes: “No, I am not aware”.

She continued…

Co-worker: “Holmes, I am 45 years old and I am still paying rent and own nothing to show. In a few days I will no longer be here for I am migrating to greener pastures”.

For a moment I felt glad that she was delivered from the hell and scortching Jamaica for greener pastures, but suddenly, it didn’t feel good in my stomach to wish her the best on her endeavour, simply because, no one should have to migrate from their birth nation to find greener pastures; they should be so consumed by their birth ground that they are boastful and braggy about it, but that might be wishful thinking.

She added…

Co-worker: “Holmes, I have been working from I was 19. I have nothing to show. Nothing to show. I was waiting for my daughter to complete high school and now she has, i am leaving”

As she looked depressed, disappointed and desperately need a change in her situation. I wanted to tell her to have faith, Andrew Holness has a plan, but how dare I tell an elder who senior me by 15 years, that there is a plan, especially coming from a politician to whom she strongly opposed in our previous conversations, but before that thought could stupidly hit my lips, she slapped me with “Mama P should step down”. The rays from the face I saw days ago were no more; frustration had hit home and the reality of years of hard work and no result banged.

I recited the lyrics of Buju Banton’s-Untold Stories
“I say who can afford to run will run But what about those who can’t, they will have to stay”.

Then I reflected for a thin 5 minutes, preoccupied by some

clerical tasks, I remembered when Delando and Dwight, my friends from Primary School migrated, then just after high school , several friends such as Kirk, Mikala, Hanief, Roger, Natoya, Mervin and practically the entire class of 2003 had left Jamaica for greener pastures, soon after my friend Brandon from College also left for Trinidad & Tobago in search of greener pastures and more recently my singing family, the Morrisons. And I reflected…and I reflected…and I reflected Krisho Holmes is still here hoping for a change from poverty to prosperity.

Written by Krisho Holmes, C/O Y.DAE’S ENT INC

To contact Krisho Holmes, you may email at or call (876) 557-0514 Tele/whatapps

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