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Opposition Leader-Andrew Holness 

The Elections are drawing near and the fear of losing face is higher than any intoxication of Ganja , Morphine or Cocaine. Everyone,political or otherwise is feeling the fever, having their debates and discussions and social media is the place to find it all; in fact, if you missed a word uttered on any political campaign or platform, find it here on social media where echoes of it is not enough.

#Voteja2016 is the election of all elections and I am glad to be apart  of it. 

The Andrew Holness’s led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has not eased up since it ignited the “Green Mean Machine”,  not even by the insipid and scandalous “Bad Gas”. Since then, they have traveled every nook and cranny of Jamaica and the disheartened and undecided electorates have been warming up to it, stripping themselves of the traditional orange cheap Tees and decking themselves out with a new closet, with a fresher look, classically called PROSPERITY.

As the elections heightened, more has been expected and more has been given, given in a “10 point plan” which is so designed by Financial Architects, Economical Engineers and Growth Doctors. The 10 point plan is the talk of the town by everyone, even those who have never glimpse the plan but can recite POINT #3 “REFORMING THE TAX SYSTEM“. This many Jamaicans have been clammering for decades but met by ignorance and decorations of white wash as traditionally used on May 23/Labour Day. 

The days are closing faster than Asafa could close a lead by Tyson Gay, but not too long before the Champion Boy beat his chest and throws his hands in the air after dashing pass the polls credited by his hard performance, political training and mastership. Andrew Holness is the man for the job and is no longer the suited gentleman he was in 2011 with only a few in his corner.  After watering the dried deserts and filling the dancing potholes of Jamaica for the last four years, everything is blooming and the smell of victory opens up to the sun from the petals of an Hibiscus Flower. VICTORY, VICTORY, VICTORY the green gardens of the JLP shouts…

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The pressure mounted in December 2015 and all the saddles were set, including an emergency training held by the Electoral Office of Jamaica (ECJ) costing the country millions as polls indicated that Andrew was the man to put the Mama P into permanent retirement, but according to Mama P, she was waiting a touch from the Lord, who graciously touched her in January 2016. During the staging of her party’s mass rally, the date was trumped for February 25, 2016, Jamaicans responded with jubilee as it did on August 6, 1962, except only this time, the colour orange was the decor of choice and the only colour permitted, evidently as many comrades wasted no time to remove anything green in existence, even from the National Flag on the instruments.

As democratically practiced, the Debate Commission , commissioned it’s team for what was expected to be a show down of the man with the “10 POINT PLAN” and the woman who has been “MISSING IN ACTION“; this was expected to be another national stand up comedy and a belly full of laughter. 

Just couple days after the Debate Commission announced its readiness, it received communication from the People’s National Party (PNP) informing it that it will not take part in the National Political Debate, citing several reasons which proved to be more  Anancy Stories and Tales extracted from the catalogue of our own Luise Bennett. Jamaicans far and near are calling for this debate as it is by this, Jamaicans will know the position of the PNP and JLP and therefore can now vote on issues as opposed to the traditional party favourbility. This National Debate is one way in which Jamaica’s Political Landscape can be manicured to mirror good governance.  The refusal of the PNP to participate in this National Debate as been condemned and shattered by several civil society groups and has also parashooted the man with the 10 point plan “gone a lead” and is now trending in Kingston, Jamaica.

Written by Krisho Holmes

To contact Krisho Holmes, you may email at krishoholmes@gmail.com or call (876) 557-0514 Tele/whatapps.

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