White Supremacy Has No Place In Rastafari Culture

White Supremacy has no Place in rasta.juduh Christian mindset concepts which where able to seep in certain rastas conciousness Based on a biblical Interpolation of there faith rather than a Lived experience.lets examine Versions of These in Play today still popular Among certain Rastas.

Why is there a Reference to Haile Selassie to be the relevant to Jesus Christ.how is it that the bible a Source of blacks enslavement become a Source of liberation become a Part of some rasta cultural practise.

Who is jah the Continue usage of jah to refer to Haile Selassie still  floats somewhere In limbo PS juduh Christian error made now Rastas.

What does jah have to do with Selassie.? 

Why would rasta want to go to Zion. is it solely on a biblical proclamation or why would a rasta Not be a pan Afrikanist.

The faculty of Interpretation needs to be further examine and Continue on the Part it started on void of white Supremacy pockets of religions Dogma that Seem to be Floating in a cultural Expression which was Created to Depart from the Same thing Dogma Slow Slow Take Place.

Don’t have to Dread to be rasta Nice Song Tell that to the victims of Carol gardens.

Why certain rasta bire Babylon and Not Rome and don’t like Egypt and Claim Israel Zion and don’t examine obeah as an Africa Thing of there Own and still celebrate the Sabbaths is that Realisation Knowledge immune to a white rasta or is the white Supremacy the Real Enemy of rasta.

Rastas of Jamaica Faced there judgement under a Christian Minded Society of Jamaica During its early Development in Jamaica.

Rasta void Off white Supremacy and Lived in its cultural Expression can in-compass the involution of rasta to the African liberation.

Black Ink.

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