Usain Bolt Made Over JMD $2.5 Billion Dollars In 2015

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Track and Field superstar Usain Bolt made a total of just over JMD $2.5 billion dollars or the equivalent of USD $21 million dollars for last year 2015.

The 29 year old reigning Olympic and World Championship sprint triple champion got most of his earnings through on track appearances and endorsement deals.

Usain Bolt drop down the ranking on Forbes 100 highest paid athletes in the world. He currently ranked 73, down from 40 something the year before. Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr top the list after making $300 million last year while his arch rival Manny Pacquiao came in second place with $160 million.

Usain Bolt made most of his money from endorsement deals with Puma, Virgin, Nissan, Hublot and other corporate giants. But also banked a handsome sum from track appearances including winning the sprint double at the World Championship.

His regular fee to appear at a track event is $250,000. put him a cut above his rivals.

Bolt has also invested money in a few ventures of his own including a popular restaurant in Kingston.

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