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As a Label, we often
seek to find new talents. Over the past few months we have been kept busy
working on our latest riddim called “Addi Riddim” which should feature
both known and unknown artists. We are pleased to announce that the project is in
its advanced stage and credible, quality and futuristic artists has been slated
for voicing on the riddim. 

From experiences, it would seem that most artists would
listen a riddim and creatively write lyrics associated or unassociated with the
story of the riddim, as most entertainers will concede that a riddim is no
different than the décor of a room, it sets the stage as to the expectation of
the “to be held” event. A riddim in the same breath dictates to the artist the
genre, tempo and content expected. 

We purposely DID NOT disclose or verbally or in writing communicate the type of
music expected on the riddim as this sometime limits the artist’s creative
ability and freedom of expression, however, surprisingly, some songs were
reported back with although good and creative content but just not fitting the “décor”
or the riddim. 

Addi Riddim” is composed at 80 beat per minute (BPM) and
approximately three minutes and forty seconds in length. Some instruments used
in the riddim are Piano, Strings, Kick, Clap, Hihat, Crash, Synth and most
importantly of them all was the Piano.

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The Piano or righty, Pianoforte is an instrument that most
engineers used to compose classical, jazz and theatre music. It is used most
times in rehearsals as it is the most comprehensive instrument which with one
key can begin the writing journey for an artist and construct a life lasting
career similar to that of Alicia Keys, Steven Wonder, John Legend or our own
local Jamaicans such as Monte Alexander, Tyrone Downie and Keith Sterling just
to name a few.  The dominance of the
pianoforte in a riddim tells it all.  

Piano infused in
reggae or dancehall is however a different approach from piano alone in
classical, jazz or theatre music. The usage of the pianoforte in reggae and
dancehall is particularly used to melody the riddim  and carry the sounds consistently for the artist
to flow with, the dominance usage of it in any reggae and dancehall riddim
translate to singing as opposed to Deejaying. 
According to the Hall Leonard Student Piano Library PDF version said “When
music excites our interest and imagination, we eagerly put our heart into
learning it”. 

It can then be said that
some artists will easily write for a riddim, however, what determines whether
the music or the track had excite the interest of the artist’s imagination is
the quality of material actually written and delivered.

Dancehall and Reggae has over the years produced much
quality songs from Tony Rebel “If Jah is standing by my side”; Luciano “It’s me
again Jah”; Sanchez “Never dis this man” and most recently Chronixx “Sell mi
gun”. Can it get any better for 2016? Is a question we can answer when we listen
other artists such as Imedz and Kezz-I “the other two of Reggae’s newest
musical, lyrical untouched and unblemished specialists”.

Imedz and Kezz-I are two of the top secrets which will be
released on the “Addi Riddim”.
Stay tune for our other articles when we sit down to interview several up-coming artists who will share with WORLD MAGAZINE their musical journey.

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