Security Beat Devin Di Dakta In Nightclub Parking Lot

The 2015 Magnum Kings and Queens winner, Devin Di Dakta, was beaten with a belt in the parking lot of popular nightclub, Taboo, after he was forcibly removed from the club by security personnel.

A source close to the club management said that Devin Di Dakta allegedly harassed a dancer, and had to be removed from the club after a complaint was made.

“We got a complaint that he got a little rough with one of the dancers, and grabbed at her private parts. She complained so he was asked to exit the club. While he was exiting, he told Corey Todd (about his mother), and he took a swing at Corey, after which Corey grabbed him, took out Devin Di Dakta’s belt and started to whale him with it like he was a little boy,”
the source said.

“Devin’s entourage did nothing and none of the club’s security personnel got involved. After the incident, they got into a car and left. We don’t tolerate certain kinds of behaviour in the club.”

The source said that the dancer, who was reportedly traumatised by the alleged sexual attack, will be making a report to the police.

However, sources close to Devin Di Dakta say that the attack was unprovoked, and stemmed from a diss song he did about Todd, and that “20 security people beat up the artiste”. It is not clear if the artiste has reported the incident to the police. 

His manager Shelly-Ann Curran says that immediately after paying and entering the club, Devin was adviced that Corey wanted to have words. He was escorted to the parking lot where he was held by hands and feet and assaulted, by Todd and several men.

Todd expressed that Devin violated him.

“He was saying, ‘yuh diss me, yuh diss me. Weh yuh call me name inna song fah?”

She also expressed that she received a call from Todd after the
incident not only bragging about what was done but threatening her as

“He called me 7:59 a.m yesterday (Monday) morning. He was saying, Shelly this is Corey Todd, mi just trash yuh artiste. Him shouldn’t diss me in him song,'” she said.

“When I told him I would be pressing charges, he told me if I ever go
to the police, I know what would happen to me. When they got
confirmation that I was at the police station, that’s when they spin the
story to talk about harassing a dancer. I am now calling for them to
release the footage of that,”
she added

Devin Di Dakta is known for songs such as Gaza Prayer and Run Mi Down.

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