New Curriculum for Next Academic Year In Jamaica

A new curriculum will be implemented in the next academic year September 2016 for grades one to nine.

The new academic school year, which begins in September, is to see a curriculum with an Introduction of Technical Education and Vocational Training and Spanish being formally introduced at the Primary level and Geography and History being taught at the grade 7 level.

Additionally, Chemistry, Biology and Physics will be offered as separate subjects in grade 9 and Civics will be reintroduced to schools.

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites highlights that the issue of reintroducing civics is being met with both negative and positive responses from some teachers.

He speaks to the benefits of Civics by stating that it will ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge of the country’s history, and also develop a sense of identity.

Minister of education, Reverend Ronald Thwaites.

Mr Thwaites explains that this new curriculum will see new teaching and learning approaches by teachers.

These include an increased emphasis on project based and problem solving learning; greater emphasis on deep or high order thinking and also an increased use of information communication tools for teaching and learning.

He says the goal of this new curriculum is to improve the academic performance, attitude and behavior of students, which will contribute greatly to the positive shaping of the national and social fabric.

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