Mega Jani is one of the most exciting and talented dancehall artists from Africa to burst on the international scene. Hailing from Zimbabwe, his infectious songs are making waves on radio stations and dance floors across Africa, Europe, the United States and Asia. 

International reggae artists are taking notice of this unique African talent, leading to collaborations with heavyweights such as Kilprich, Pepper hot, and XXX, among many others. His powerful song with Kilprich “Get me Yard” is in heavy rotation in Jamaica and all across Africa, further cementing his place on the global stage.

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Mega Jani’s agile yet powerful voice will make you dance, and the depth of his socially conscious lyrics will make you think.  He believes his music should not only make people dance, it should also inspire them to greater heights.  In his masterpiece “Ghetto Youths”, Mega Jani takes on the harsh realities faced by young people in under-privileged communities and calls on them to never give up the fight.

Musical Inspiration
The most celebrated King of Reggae Bob Marley came to Zimbabwe to perform during its independence celebrations in 1980 and wrote the song ‘Zimbabwe’. This has been Jani’s biggest inspiration that has seen him grow from a toddler to a renowned artist. Through everyday experiences and the struggle of a young African ghetto man are the key drivers of his music. 

Ghetto Youth is one of a kind music that intends to address issues that faces young people living in the ghetto. God’s intended message and positive attitude towards life keeps him going and going with the aim of giving hope to the hopeless, life to the lifeless and reinforcing African values.

Music Development

Perseverance against great odds is something Mega Jani knows on a personal level. He caught the music bug from an early age. By age six, he would jump in front of the microphone at any given opportunity to entertain his family and friends. It has since been a long road, with its triumphs and challenges, to rise up from the ghettos of Zimbabwe and emerge as a renowned international artist. His relentlessness is finally paying off.

Mega Jani says a positive attitude towards life and faith in a higher power keeps him focused on his mission to bring hope to the hopeless, and voice to the voiceless. He cites Bob Marley as his number one musical inspiration. He also draws his versatility and openness from listening to the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Hugh Masekela, FelaKuti and Thomas Mapfumo.Most of all, Mega Jani says, he is deeply inspired and humbled by life itself and the daily struggles of the common man.

From making singles over the years, Mega Jani released his first album ‘Struggle Life’ in 2014. This critically acclaimed album has placed him centre stage as a massive talent hailing from Africa. He is playing key reggae festivals, such as X and X. Mega Jani says there is no going back music is in every breath that he takes.  

The dancehall star is looking forward to even grow bigger and better as he is currently pushing his music and aiming to become more visible both in Africa and Internationally

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