Genesis (The Christian Sting)

For over 29 years, promoters of Genesis Gospel Concert successfully held together this festival for Christians and non-believers traditionally showcased on the start of the new year. Genesis is perhaps the first gospel concert of this magnitude which paved the way for many others such as Fun in the Sun. However, although celebrating 29 years, the show has over the years dwindled in crowd and sponsorship support while faithful supporters and sponsors still envision a better year annually.

The staging of Genesis 2016 was for the first time held at four 4 venues, however, Kingston which traditionally was the home for Genesis was staged at South Borough Primary School in Portmore, St. Catherine. The cost of tickets ranged from $700(pre-sold), $900(gate) and $1,500(VIP) with Showtime beginning at 12:30am. Sponsors such as Singer Jamaica, NHT, Chase Fund and others lend an helping hand to make the event an eventful one for the patrons and promoters.

The night was cordially hosted by MC Nadine Blair and Markland Edwards which saw the ministries of Kevin Downswell, Goddy Goddy, Lubert Levy and new comer Marion Hall aka Lady Saw. Other young acts such as Sounds of Praise, Chozenn, Soul Touch Minister and Resounding Praise attempted to up the energy but received questionable responses from the patrons.

The morning exploded at approximately 03:43am when Kevin Downswell took to the stage with his full band. Popular song “Change is coming” toasted the crowed with a symbolic circling of the hands in the air, following by “naw bow” which the audience joined in a mass choir with tight harmony. Shouts of “Jesus” and “glory” fogged the air in praise while Kevin punched “still deh yah” unseating the lame, tired and victims of arthritis in total praise. 

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At approximately 03:50am “meaning of life” stole the night as Kevin used voice techniques to wow the crowd, delivering an immaculate performance which outweighed any price ticket for the event. Songs such as “that’s enough”, “cahn cool” and an superb reinvention of the traditional get saved song “good bye world” were mixed on a ska and electric riddim which engulfs patrons appetite for more, more and more spiritual diet and responding with cheers, shouts, singing, clapping and foot loose actions recreating the many talents of King David. At approximately 04:10am “you make me stronger” was just in time to re-energized the crowd which was intensely exercised for 20 minutes and finally cool down the blazing vocal and muscular stretches with an outtro acapella of “if it’s not you”.

Kevin Downswell performance was enough to have had a full concert and enough to entertain a secular crowd at the famous “STING 2015″ which received a flogging from patrons and sponsors.

Genesis Gospel Concert 2016 although had its many issues, it’s primary purpose was met and will serve future sponsors as a reminder to put their money where their mouth is. Hats off to all patrons and promoters of Genesis 2016. With a little tweak here and there, Jamaican could return for Genesis 2017 to full National Arena once again as it was then, perhaps so shall it be now.

Krisho Y.dae Holmes

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