Fabian Marley Outraged After DNA Test Reveals Bob Marley is Not His Biological Father (MUST SEE VIDEO)

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Fabian Marley’s quest to prove that he is a son of reggae legend Bob Marley has hit another major stumbling block as his older sister, Sandra Walker, has come forward to the media to say that the singer is rejecting his “true identity”.

“His real name is Othneil Stanford. Fabian, as you know him, has a problem with his true identity, he doesn’t know his father’s father side of the family. The fact is that our father, his father’s name is Stanford, but that is not his real name, my father did not know his father, so that’s where the identity problem began…he has searched the 14 parishes for information on his father’s father,” Sandra Walker, Fabian’s 52 year-old sister, said. 

“He is not a person you can speak to, he has always been a different child.”

Fabian Marley’s alleged rejection of his biological father has hurt the family. The singer actually did a deed poll to legally change his name to Fabian Marley several years ago.

“It’s very hard, really heartbreaking. My father is not angry, but my mom is devastated. She is in the process of filing for him (to live in the US) .then he started acting strangely, with this Marley business. We didn’t ignore him, he needs a lot of help. We are a poor family but we look out for him. I brought my father and mother to the US, the whole family is here in the US, we all came on different terms, but we want to help him.”

Mrs Walker nee Stanford delivered an insight into Fabian’s life.

“Our mom has five of us, I am the eldest, followed by Carlton, Carol, Fabian and Janet. He has always had issues with his true identity. Fabian used to attend St Anne’s, he didn’t get much education but he is very smart, everything he learned, he learned on his own, he taught himself what he needed,” she said.

A DNA test recently revealed that Fabian is not the child of Bob Marley. Clayton Thomas of Massive Entertainment Group, who manages Fabian Marley, made the announcement last week noting that he is pleased to finally know the true identity of his client.

“In my quest to find out whether or not Fabian was indeed a Marley, I was able to find Fabian’s family who he grew up with and get a DNA test from the gentleman who Fabian knew as his father in his childhood. The tests have come back, and it has been proven 100 per cent that this man is indeed Fabian’s real dad,”
Thomas said.

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