Fabian Is Not A Marley DNA Proves Singer Isn’t The Son of Bob

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Clayton Thomas of Massive Entertainment Group is pleased to announce that the true identity of the artiste who goes by the name Fabian Marley has finally been revealed.

Mr. Thomas, who has been on record several times stating publicly that his priority has always been to establish the real parentage of the artiste in whom he has invested millions of Jamaican dollars, says he can breathe a sigh of relief now that he knows the truth.

On November 4 last year, attorney for the Marley family, Kevin Powell,
penned a letter granting Fabian Marley access to the DNA of Bob Marley’s
surviving children for the test to be done.

“In my quest to find out whether or not Fabian was indeed a Marley, I was able to find Fabian’s family who he grew up with and get a DNA test from the gentleman who Fabian knew as his father in his childhood. The tests have come back and it has been proven 100% that this man is indeed Fabian’s real dad,”
the Massive Entertainmnet CEO stated.

He added, “I am very happy that this aspect has finally been put to rest and now all of us, inclding the Marleys, can move on with our lives and Fabian’ with his career. I am sure that the Marleys, too are quite thrilled that, through my determination to unearth the truth, I have ended for them what must have been a rather unsettling situation.

In closing, Mr. Thomas stated that, for Fabian,  the journey continues.

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