Producer And Chase Cross Fall Out

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Young dancehall  producer Dizzy of Long Life Music has a falling-out with recording artiste Chase Cross over his new single called ‘Not A Nice Guy’.

According to Dizzy, Chase Cross recorded the song for his label, then went behind his back to record the same song for another dancehall producer.

The young producer says Chase Cross’ action is unethical and unprofessional.

“He did a song for me on my rhythm, and mi deh inna mi studio was surfing the Internet and see a song come up which has the same title as my song. So mi click pon it and realise that is the same song. Since mi find out, mi a try contact this man, and him not taking my calls,”
he said.

Dizzy says he already registered the song under his label, and will continue to promote and sell it on #iTunes under his ‘Eruption’ rhythm compilation. However, Chase Cross should realise that his action does not reflect that of a smart ‘businessman’.

“Artistes who do stuff like this must realise that they are putting a bad stigma pon demself. It’s like you are telling your fans that you cannot find a next song and you are short of lyrics neither are you ready for the business. Mi nuh have nothing bad fi sey bout nuh youth, but him fi change up him ways because music is not a likkle ball game, it’s a business. Chase Cross is a brand, and you should know how to properly manage that brand because you will bring enemies on yourself. This shows that people cannot trust you to work with them,”
Dizzy said.

The ‘Eruption’ rhythm also features Lisa Hyper, Jah Vinci, Elephant Man, Radijah, and Flexxx. Dizzy, who also has a song on the rhythm, says Chase Cross’ action taught him an important lesson.

“This shows yu that if yu sorry fi mawga dog, dem wi turn around and bite yu. Me and this man a come from way back and mi see sey nothing nah gwaan fi him; no producer nah voice him. If him nuh get a collaboration from Mavado, him cyah guh pon a rhythm, and mi sey alright mi a voice him, and a this him turn round and duh … . Anyway look out for my Pram Push rhythm in January,”
he said, seemingly disappointed.

Several unsuccessful attempts to get a comment from Chase Cross. His social media page was recently updated bearing a flyer which promotes Not A Nice Guy. 

However, it was not the version produced and released under Dizzy’s label, check YouTube and both versions of the song remained online.

Chase Cross has been relatively missing from the music scene since he released a diss song aimed at Bounty Killer in 2011.

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