Mr Vegas Warns Dancehall Selector Boom Boom (Video)

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Dancehall-reggae artiste Mr Vegas is calling out selector Boom Boom for what he labels as ‘irresponsible comments’ made on a TV show recently.

In an interview with Anthony Miller, Boom Boom was asked if as a selector, he had the power to flip an artistes career. Boom Boom’s reply was a flippant yes, telling Miller that they could ‘slow leak’ the career of an artiste.

“We can just go round dem. Some a them artiste ya nah support dancehall, nah support street people. Dem invest in other people and nah invest in the streets. Pree the artiste dem whe nah do road, where are they now?,

He added that even if an artiste had a ‘good song’, they sometimes would not play the song because the artiste is not supporting the street “You haffi fight fire with fire.

Nuff a dem (artiste) weh have name nah do the streets, and a tell lie bout them deh pon tour when dem inna them house,” Boom Boom said.

Mr Vegas, who did not take kindly to these statements, addressed Boom Boom in his MV corner on Facebook.

“Not everybody feel safe to do streets in Jamaica. Look at Nick (Fotoworks) weh missing without a trace! Other artistes contribute to the streets in different ways. A nuh everybody can do streets,”Vegas said.”

He referred to artistes such as Sean Paul and Shaggy, who contributed in other ways.

“You can’t lock off people because dem nah do streets. Boom Boom you haffi realise seh whole heap a selectors look up to you, you can’t make those irresponsible talk,” Vegas said.

He added that selectors should be impartial when it comes to dealing with music.

“Dem talk deh nuh fi make. Unuh nuh fi take side in a the music. Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z nah go dance inna Jamaica and unuh still play them song. Unuh can’t get jingles from them. 

Stop dah sumn deh. If a song good, unuh nuh suppose to say unuh a bench or slow leak nobody career,”Vegas stated.

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However, when contacted, Boom Boom was quick to clear the air, stating that he was referring to a specific dancehall artiste.

“A nuh Mr Vegas me a talk bout because him always support the streets. Shaggy help millions of people and Sean Paul always do road when he’s here, so a nuh dem me a talk. The artiste weh me a refer to know himself,” Boom Boom said
He continued that he does not play music for himself, but for the fans.

“Me play every song, and mi nuh want people get weh me a say wrong. Me simply a seh me nah premiere and endorse a new song fi a man whe nuh inna the streets at all. Mek somebody else do it. The artiste know himself. Me nah disrespect nobody still,” he said.

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