Entertainment Zone Approved For The Palisadoes Strip in Kingston

The Palisadoes strip in Kingston has been approved by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) for designation as Jamaica’s first entertainment zone.

This was revealed by State Minister in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment, Damion Crawford, at a press briefing hosted at the Ministry’s offices on Monday

Crawford said the approval by NEPA is timely given the number of events and activities expected to take place during the upcoming Christmas season.

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He informed that NEPA has put measures in place to ensure that protection of the environment is given priority during the staging of entertainment events in the area.

“They have sent us recommendations including to have environment rangers. The protection of the environment is very important to us and NEPA and (the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment) have had two or three meetings from which a fulsome report (was developed) on what would be necessary,” he said.

The Palisadoes zone is one of seven areas in Kingston that were tested and declared suitable to host recreational and heritage activities.

“So, downtown Kingston is well on its way to becoming an entertainment zone and we are in conversation with the KSAC (Kingston and St Andrew Corporation) to encourage, for this Christmas, persons going to downtown Kingston,” he said.

The move to establish entertainment zones is to allow for the staging of events under limited restrictions in terms of lock-off time and to prevent breaches of the night noise act.


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