Dhq Queens Sher, Renee & Nickiesha V.S Spice Dancers Fight (Video)

All hell broke loose at a nightclub recently when dancers from Dancehall Artiste Spice’s camp and former dancehall queen 2012 Sherine “Sher” Scarlett got involved in a physical altercation.

The dispute occurred allegedly as a result of an on-going feud between the dancers. It was alleged that sher and her friends invaded Spice’s dance team’s  space on the dance floor as soon as the popular song “b*ddy bruka” by Aidonia began to play.

Apparently some contact was made between the girls which ultimately lead to a “cat fight”. Bottles and various objects which included a table was thrown but luckily the fight was quickly broken by the bouncers.

A members of Spice’s dance camp claimed that sher dhq and her other dancer friends called them “MAD HOUSE” which she stated that they already called themselves so that was no news to them.

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