They Subliminally Always Fighting Vybz Kartel

It’s a hard time for most dancehall artist at the moment when you have Vybz Kartel still the dominant figure in dancehall music from behind the prison walls

It’s not so ironic to actually see many artistes in the business subliminally disrespecting the proclaimed “World Boss” because of his popularity over most of these same artist who are currently having mix emotional feelings the DJ. 

The other day Beenie Man the self proclaimed “King Of Dancehall” disrespect the fans of Vybz Kartel stating that,”The Gaza fans are idiots and they should speak about Vybz Kartel and not for dancehall”. Now for Beenie Man to say that shows you that he is also upset that a man from behind bars is still running the place and he’s number over them who are out on road and he’s generating so many hits. 

I-Octane in a recent interview on ER “Entertainment Report” made a statement that Vybz Kartel is that dominant in Europe such as artist as Romaine Virgo. Now not to be bias, but how can one compare a reggae artiste and a dancehall artiste together. Romaine Virgo is a reggae artiste and Vybz Kartel is a dancehall artiste. Now most people are saying that I-Octane don’t know what he’s actually speaking about because Vybz Kartel is globally known worldwide and his music is well dominating the European music market. 

Johnny Wonder Says Vybz Kartel ‘Out-Selling’ Every Dancehall Artiste

Johnny Wonder in also a recent interview with the Jamaican Star make it be known that Vybz Kartel is the leading number one seller in dancehall music, with nonstop increase of sales with such catalogs from the incarcerated DJ. We all know who actually buy music the most , and that’s the U.S/European market. If Vybz Kartel weren’t that large in Europe why does he overlap the whole dancehall fraternity in sales of his music. 

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Vybz Kartel will forever get a fight nonstop and there’s no hiding to that fact. For a man who is currently serving a life sentence why is it he is still dominating the game of dancehall music. According Jr. Reid, Bobby Konders and Jabba on a segment about reggae music that had aired on Fox 5 News the other day in New York. Vybz Kartel is still leading because he was hungry in the terminology of going after what he wanted musically. 
You have to be hungry and not laid back. If you want good you have to continuously putting in the hard work and that is hard fact to the moral of why the DJ is still leading out as the number one dancehall artiste in the business. 
In all conclusion, the harder they fight is the stronger “Vybz Kartel” gets. He’s infallible and he’s also unstoppable, there’s no stopping of this here music genius no time soon.

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