Sting MC Nuffy Upset With Artistes Over Pricing For The Event

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Emcee-artiste manager MC Nuffy has lashed out against Jamaican artistes who are overcharging Supreme Promotions to perform at Sting According to Nuffy, the artistes who are charging between 2 to 3 million dollars, have shown no respect for the contribution the more-than-30-year-old show has made to the development of the music industry.

Known for its musical heritage, Jamaica has given birth to several genres, including reggae, ska, dancehall, rocksteady and mento. However, at present, there are fewer than five major festivals hosted locally to support its growing pool of recording artistes With that thought in mind, MC Nuffy believes recording artistes should be making the extra effort to ensure the longevity of Sting, dubbed ‘The Greatest One-night Show on Earth’.

“I would say this must be the brand of Jamaica dancehall music. Sting is the gateway for over 90 per cent of the stars today in dancehall. To the dancehall artistes in Jamaica, stop overcharge the Jamaican brand, stop disrespect what we have,” MC Nuffy posted on his social-media page.

The MC also claims several entertainers have sought to damage the image of the show, hoping to hurt the pocket of tough-talking Supreme Promotions boss Isaiah Laing.

However, he says the music industry is what really suffers as a result of their actions.

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“The people on the outside don’t know nothing much about the music business. So sometimes you hear the entertainers complaining and they think they are hurting Mr Laing, but they are hurting themselves, because if Sting mash up, what’s next?”

He also gave credit to Laing for continuously hosting the show despite struggling with sponsorship and overpriced acts.

“Entertainers they are so ungrateful, people, believe me. Mr Laing, u really strong to still keep this show, Heavy D yu really strong to be with these people call artistes,”MC Nuffy said.

When contacted outspoken recording artiste Savage for comment on Nuffy’s opinion. The former ghost writer for Mavado feels that the emcee has a reasonable point.

“The music business is a family, and one hand wash the other. We have to understand that the promoters in Jamaica are experiencing the same financial difficulties that we are facing, therefore we can’t charge Jamaican promoters the same price we charge promoters from the other Caribbean countries and the US. 

We also have to recognize that Sting is a Jamaican product and it benefits our industry,” the Culu Culu singer said.

Sting will be held at Jamworld in Portmore on Boxing Day

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