J Capri Injured in Serious Car Accident on Barbican Rd

Irina Mossi Love Detective

23-year-old Dancehall artiste J Capri, real name Jordan Phillips was involved in a serious car accident on Barbican road early Monday morning.

According to eyewitnesses her car flipped over during impact.

While crying – another witness spoke to our news team saying “I can’t sleep, the images were so graphic, so much blood”

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“Honestly mi neva tek it for nothing because is every night wi hear car tires and noise, from here [Barbican road] to Jacks hills – dem always a drive fast”
Keisha Firmm, a witness who lives close to the crash site told source.


“Mi leave out mi house, because i heard a lot of noise, and everyone was out side, all mi can seh is, there was blood every where, at first i thought it was a bike man”
“When mi reach up to the car, it mash up bad and her body was hanging out the car,”

Firmm continued by saying “Dem start to try an tek her out the car, but dem did have problems, like she did a stuck”

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However after a few attempts the good Samaritans were successful, Firmm told us “after dem take her out they placed her on the ground, she was ‘shaken up’ mi not even know how to explain it”

Firmm also told our news team that from her observation the singer may have a few broken bones but there was blood every where, “Honesty, it don’t look good”

“But all wi can do is pray right now”
She added

“Mi cyaa sleep, mi just a wait fi hear supn, mi not even did know it was her, because the blood was all over and then it mixed with her hair”

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“Is afta she gone, an mi ask a who, dem a seh is a artiste girl, den smaddy seh is J Capri”
According to Keisha Firmm the artiste seemed to be alone in the vehicle, J Capri was the only person injured and she was taken to the hospital immediately.

Police are now at the scene of the accident

Friends, fans and well-wishers have been sending prayers online since the incident was reported.

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