Get The #1 “HOTTEST” Jamaican Crime Thriller In The World ”Jamaican Steppers”

Jamaican Steppers is a novel that chronicles the life and times of two Jamaican immigrants caught up in the fast life of illicit drugs, easy money, etc.

Chuckie and Stepper, the two main characters, once walked a straight and narrow line as so many young men have done, but their overwhelming lust for money and power lead them to open warfare with some of the deadliest Jamaicans in New York. Soon they become the subject of a massive police investigation.

The fast paced story immerses the reader in the greed, betrayal, and unforgiving nature of Chuckie and Stepper as they hand out their own brand of justice.

Come along for the chase from the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York through Harlem, the Bronx, and ultimately to the streets of Paterson, New Jersey.

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