Union Power Music – Young, ambitious and creative

 « Union Power Music » is an
association of young artists from Lausanne, Switzerland.
It all started in 2013 with Peterson and Joel
who decided to create their own label to produce their music and help other
local artists to create theirs.
Because UPM believes that music can bring a
message of peace to the public, the association tries to show another  image of hip-hop music which often is
stereotyped as violent and aggressive.

UPM believes that music make people unite and it is this unity which will bring
power to the youths.
Producing artists from various styles like
soul, dancehall, hip-hop and afrobeat, UPM is not only a music label. It is the
gathering of people around the same interest : music. This art also is a
way for the youth nowadays to express themselves in a different way.
Most of us will agree that the cause UPM is
working for is a good one, as music lovers we only want it to grow all around
the world.
The artists :

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