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“party till we die,live we life,let the sun inside  don’t watch the day
go by.” It’s hard to believe that such profound words come from the
mouth of a 14 year old! But believe it!!! …Yes, Trishawna Mackailla
Grant is the vivacious human being behind the angelic voice of her
moniker LITTLE MISS, featured on a track with DANCEHALL superstar
born on December 10,
the soulful Sagittarius was Raised by mom, Dennisha Davis, in Spring
garden, Kensington  community of st James where in that same parish,
she  attended Salvation Army Basic School, Barracks Rd Primary and is
now a student of  Irwin High.

For as long as she can remember, Little Miss has enjoyed reading,
singing&dancing and listening to music,namely the WORLBOSS and
RIHANNA who she hails as the best in their respective genres. Following
in the footsteps of her fellow Caribbean idols , LITTLE MISS`s
goal is to become a successful musician who sings  uplifting songs to
inspire and empower females especially of her age, to strive and push
towards great accomplishments in the face of adversity.

Hungry to show the world what she can do, She’s already hit the ground
running on PARTY TILL WE DIE with her spectacular but soulful voice.
“Only the best is good enough”- said Little Miss when asked what is her philosophy on pursuing a career in music
She signed to KWASHAWNA RECORDS in May 2015. And is slated to release two singles  YOUR SONG and TAXI in this years xmas season,
Unnu watch out fi her!


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