Do You Think Killa Comments About Aidonia and Vybz KartelI Is Factual

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As I start off this story I have to play one of my favorite Vybz Kartel badman singles “Talk With GunShot” , (Me a talk with gunshot me love dat, sen bwoy go dufcott me love dat, di rifle di 45 di clutch back, me see wid a strap but a.) reason so ; I have to gather my thoughts from an artiste who music that is hard driven with an story that is so damn interested. Artistically the storylines within Vybz Kartel music is so unique than the rest, its more decisive , more intriguing, more dynamic on all levels and this is what makes Vybz Kartel a phenomenal artiste.

For the past month there are has been a major uproar in the streets when popular known recording artiste Aidonia has made such statement that he’s on the same level as Vybz Kartel aka World Boss; now, that never went so well with the Gaza fans locally and worldwide, they have it to say Aidonia is no where near to the World Boss and never will. Well we all know that story so we don’t have to get into full details about that cause in all reality Vybz Kartel is in a league of his own, so there’s no comparison in that picture. Now Bounty Killer on the other hand has made a small turbulence on the popular program “Onstage” with Mr. Winford Williams when he stated that Aidonia is a better Dj than Vybz Kartel. Bounty Killer claims Aidonia has a better deliverance when it comes to recording and performing and Vybz Kartel is lacking in that area. Well everyone is genuinely entitled to their own opinions, and personally I can’t fight him on his opinion cause he fairly indeed explains reason so, but my opinion is Aidonia still isn’t as great such as Vybz Kartel.

Vybz Kartel is a unique artiste who has charisma and with that you cannot fail and with Vybz Kartel charisma and unique style it is hard for him to flop. Why I say Aidonia is not on the same level or cannot DJ better than Vybz Kartel; is, the World Boss is an artiste who is skill in various musical styles. His flows continue to change over and over, he tends to bring something new at all times and that’s what makes people so drawn to him. Now my thing is; if Aidonia is such a better Dj than Vybz Kartel why haven’t he surpass Vybz Kartel yet?

We cannot be bias to the fact that Vybz Kartel isn’t greatest dancehall artiste ever in the whole history of dancehall music , his influence alone is very powerful indeed very gravitating. It’s not about who DJ better than who but about who has the power to control the mass.

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