Vybz Kartel Is In A League Of His Own Aidonia

Vybz Kartel, one of the most controversial dancehall artiste ever is still on the lips of everyone who has so-called claimed the artiste is the reason why their careers are like the dead that is resting over Dovcott Cemetery.

The other day dancehall artiste Aidonia did an interview with ER (Entertainment Report) wherein he was venting hard that he’s not getting the recognition he deserved and also is on the same level such as Vybz Kartel. The entertainer stated that for over the years he’s been doing his thing and he is not getting the ratings due to badmind people who is not showing the love ; he didn’t fully explained why he’s being badmind but he made it clear that any camp name you call you have to say JOP or 4th Generation.

Aidonia is probably living in the biggest denial stages ever and the whole world actually seeing that he is. When he stated that he’s on the same level such as Vybz Kartel and when Vybz Kartel “So-called fell off” he was the one to help bring back the entertainer career back afloat ; fans of both Vybz Kartel and Aidonia himself had to keep it real and made it be known that he’s still not on Vybz Kartel’s level and he will never be.

Vybz Kartel as we know is a very unique dancehall artiste that is in a league by himself and cannot be compared to anyone but his own self alone. Vybz Kartel deliverance is beyond dynamic , his persona is of the regular norm , he’s filled with charisma , and he is very diverse when it comes to sending anyone to the dictionary and history books. Vybz Kartel consistency is also incredible cause its not an easy task to record over 17 songs per day , and best believe it is facts that Vybz Kartel indeed record at least 9 – 17 songs per day.

The bragging rights  about donating to the school where your mother teaches can never be compared to all of the schools and communities Vybz Kartel has made many donations too , and you rarely heard about Vybz Kartel making too many comments about that. The system will speak many negative stories about Vybz Kartel buy in all reality he’s a very phenomenal individual.Aidonia is good artiste but he still have a very long way to go to be on Vybz Kartel level and to also be a great artiste such as Vybz Kartel.

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