Tony Matterhorn Disses Boom Boom For Calling Himself “The Most Sort After Selector”

Controversial selector Tony Matterhorn has lashed out at popular selector Boom Boom, disrespectfully refuting claims made by the multi-award winning disc jock that he is the most-sought-after selector in the dancehall underground.

According to Tony Matterhorn, who made disparaging comments at a recent event hosted at Oniel’s Place, he and Magnum All STAR Face-Off champion, Fire Links, are the real stalwarts in the dancehall.

“Right now, mi cross nuh (expletive) and dem know mi cross. People am only going to say this once when unno see that little b**** selector Boom Boom, tell him sey Matterhorn sey guh chuck inna yuh m****. Mi rich long-time p**** don’t bright. Mi see unno a talk bout unno run di street. A (expletive) Tony Matterhorn and Fire Links run the (expletive) street. Yu nuh just come wah day bout yuh run street. Yuh not even a play a di parish dem. Hey, mi a guh kill some a dem b**** selector yah,” Tony Matterhorn said.

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Tony Matterhorn, who developed a reputation as a hard-core clashing selector, last tasted victory in 2013, when he competed against Foota Hype, Black Kat and Bass Odyssey at the P. Diddy and Supreme Promotions produced ‘Bad Boys Sound Clash’ competition. However, Boom Boom walked away with top honours in the STAR Awards the same year, and was also honoured by Stone Love and Music Industry Achievers Awards.

Prior to 2013’s success, Boom Boom was also crowned ‘The Street Gad’ by popular dance group Dance Xpression at the Limelight Club in Half-Way Tree in 2010 during their Xpression Thursdays event. At the time, Boom Boom said that his hard work was paying off. He also said his title was not self-proclaimed.

When recently asked about Tony Matterhorn’s comments, Boom Boom said he will not disrespect the icon. Boom Boom added that Tony Matterhorn is his idol.

“If I disrespect him it will seem as if I never respected him from morning and I am not like that. I have won awards consistently from 2009 until this year and my dominance in the streets is not only about the music, it’s about the way I deal with people. I am always giving back when I come from tour and the youths respect mi because of the care I show to others. Nuff man use success and hype pon people, but a nuh my style dat,” Boom Boom said.

The selector also refuted Matterhorn’s allegation that he is only known in the corporate area.

“First of all, mi always a tour me and Harry Hype. They must also know that mi buss inna England before mi even buss a Jamaica. A Bounty Killer come England and see me a play and sey mi must come home because mi a di underground king. If a man wah tek my spot him have to come different,” he said.

Boom Boom also said he has worked with Tony Matterhorn since receiving backlash from the Dutty Wine singer

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