Sikka Rymes Fan React To Him Rapping

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Sikka Rymes once again is showing the massive that he’s musically inclined and he is destined to make a mark in the dancehall music industry as one of the most diversity young entertainer ever. His music label “Sikk Records the other day released a new single with him and Princess Tyh another outstanding member of the Sikk Team, track titled “Live Yuh Life” on the Live Yuh Life Riddim. In this single Sikka Rymes is totally doing something different. Rap, yes the young artiste indeed is Rapping  instead of actually doing something based on the genre is normally does. Both Sikk Team members decided to do a little twist and up with something brand new for the fans to hear. Most of their fans are truly amazed with the new sound which was totally unexpected and this is what most of them had to say

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