Parliament to review ‘Kentucky Kid’ killing

Cabinet may have to take another look at the fatal shooting of entertainer Robert Hill aka “Kentucky Kid” in 2009.

Hill was killed at his home in Ivy Green Mews, Kingston, on December 8, 2009, in what the police say was a shootout.

A jury at the Kingston Coroner’s Court ruled last August that five people, including three policemen, be charged with his murder. But, the five accused were freed, after Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Lewellyn told the court it would be impossible to mount a viable case against them.

This angered Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) Terrence Williams who sent a report to Parliament rejecting Lewellyn’s position, and pointing out that there was no dispute over whether the three policemen were responsible for Hill’s death.

Lewellyn responded that “a close examination” of the Williams’ report revealed “misstatements and misconceptions relating to fact, law and policy”.

The matter had been referred to the special joint select committee formed to review reports from parliamentary commissions, including INDECOM from February, but they were unable to meet prior to Wednesday.

The committee, formally chaired by deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Lloyd B. Smith, selected government backbencher, Mikhael Phillips, son of the Minister of Finance and Planning Dr Peter Phillips to chair the first meeting, in the absence of Smith and approximately 12 other members.

The committee agreed with Phillips to take the next two weeks to study the reports from the DPP and INDECOM. They will meet again on July16, to discuss the questions needed to be answered. They are likely to invite Williams and Lewellyn to the next meeting to answer those questions, before reporting to Parliament by month end.

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