Lee Scratch Perry Says: “Obama Is The Antichrist”

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Musical pioneer and creator of Dub, Lee “Scratch” Perry, needs little introduction. Bob Marley’s former producer, the original upsetter and Godfather of Reggae, Lee is famous for inventing a sound that can still be heard blaring out of stoner dorm rooms today.

You don’t really interview Lee Scratch, he interviews you. We were lucky enough to sit down with the man himself after the screening of his new biopic documentary Vision Of Paradise, a cinematic journey that follows his life from Jamaica to Ethiopia and Switzerland.

We talked spirituality, politics, and the New World Order for nearly an hour, only to be left more confused and confounded than before we’d started.
Lee Scratch Perry – Cesena 24.07.2013

Lee Scratch Perry (Image: Lee Scratch Perry)

Konbini: Just to let you know, the microphone is rolling.

Lee Scratch Perry: Rolling… We are not a rolling stone. But we are rolling home. And we wish not to be a rolling stone. We wish not to be a failure. Not to be problem. We wish to be anti-problem. We wish to be anti-trouble. We wish to be anti-poor. We wish to be anti-poverty.

Any other wishes?

Lee Scratch Perry: My destination is riches without end. My destination is to be ruler of the international monetary fund. My destination is to make the United States of America know that I am over this devil Obama.
So you’ll be running the world?

Lee Scratch Perry: I’m going to tell the whole world that there is only one king of kings. I’m going to tell the Queen that there is only one queen of queens. I’ll tell the Queen, “You are not in my dreams. You are not on my team.” To the pagans I say cut out their tongues. And to all them I say I’ll cut out their tongues.


Lee Scratch Perry: Because the tongue is for the pussy. No baby can’t come from the batty. Only the pum-pum. The tongue is a snake [he makes a weird snake noise] he talk too much [weird snake noise] he chat too much [weird snake noise] the tongue he’s a fucking snake.
Your tongue? Or everyone’s tongue?

Lee Scratch Perry: Not my tongue! I used to smoke cigarettes and I’ve banned it. Forever. Never again will I put cigarettes on my tongue [weird snake noise].
Since when did you quit?

Lee Scratch Perry: Five years ago.

I really want to fucking quit.

Lee Scratch Perry: I didn’t know that cigarettes were evil. Them who make the cigarettes make the coke and the heroin too. The tongue [weird snake noise] is a fucking snake. Don’t listen to him.
Lee in his Black Ark Studio circa 1975 (Image: Fanart)

Lee in his Black Ark Studio circa 1975 (Image: Fanart)

We are looking for some advice…
Lee Scratch Perry: The truth?

I guess.

Lee Scratch Perry: The truth. Speak the truth and speak it ever. Speak it as you will. Coz him would does the wrong thing and doesn’t speak the wrong thing has done the wrong thing still. Speak the truth. To make children you have to have a stiff cock to put in the pussy.

You don’t have a stiff cock you gonna be an Antichrist. The cock is the power. The cock in the pussy or else you hate Jesus and you become an anti-god, an Antichrist. God’ll take away your nature and your stiff cock. Just like mister Obama.

What’s God to you?

Lee Scratch Perry: Fucking is God. Fucking is music. You and I are the children of the universe. That way you are traveling with a blessing on your back not on your front. I saw Emperor Haile Selassie. I see all. Taste all. Feel all. The Star of David. David represent God. The rebels represent the devil. Satan. Who does the Satan represent? Evil.

I should be scared, but I’m not. I want to tremble but I cannot. God curse the people who are anti-God and God curse the people who are anti-God. Antichrist. I bless honest people. Dishonest people I curse. Righteous people I bless.
Lee Scratch kicks back with a smoke (Image: Huck Magazine)

Lee Scratch kicks back with a smoke (Image: Huck Magazine)

Who is a righteous person?

Lee Scratch Perry: Someone who tells the truth. People who can’t tell the truth are nothing.

How many righteous people are there?

Lee Scratch Perry: 144,000. Only.

How do you know when you see them?

Lee Scratch Perry: They look like some spirit that can’t tell lies. It looks like a spirit that cannot thieve. It looks like a spirit that speaks the truth.
OK. Cool. What’s Jamaica like today?

Lee Scratch Perry: I could be in Jamaica but I choose not to be poor. I choose not to be in poverty. I could choose Jamaica but I choose not to be a vampire. I could choose Jamaica and choose to be a sufferer, But I hate suffering. I hate struggling. I hate problems. I hate disease. But I love fungus. Jamaica needs fungus. I run away from Jamaica and let my house turn into fungus.

What comes after death?

Lee Scratch Perry: After death? Life. Oh, death, Save me from suffering. Oh, death, save me from fear. Oh, death, save me from tribulation. Oh, death, save me from bad luck. Oh, death, save me from jinx. You will be free by death because death is the only savior.

What do you think of Obama?

Lee Scratch Perry: Obama is the devil. He’s playing god. I will not bless an anti-God.

How do we rise up?

Lee Scratch Perry: Well, I believe in pussy and I believe in cock […] Sodom and Gomorrah. That’s what Mister Obama wants. Baphomet. It’s easy

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