Jamaican Doctor Rejects US$100 Million For Cancer Research Patent

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Jamaica’s Dr. Lawrence Williams, research consultant at the Scientific Research Council, has been offered more than $11 billion (US$100 million) for his breakthrough cancer research patent. He recently revealed in a media  interview that his company turned down the $11 billion (US$100 million) offer.He and a Jamaican partner have current ownership of a patent involving the study of a compound from the Guinea Hen Weed (Petiveria alliacea), which is showing promise in treating 12 different types of cancer. The offer came from a major drug firm in the United States, but was declined because the value of the research is considered more than the amount offered. Dr. Williams received a Bachelor of Science in 1987 following his undergraduate major in Zoology and minor in Chemistry at the University of the West Indies.


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