Chronixx “Ghetto People” (prod by Jr Gong / Ghetto Youth Int.)

New Music From Chronixx Entitled “Ghetto People” Produced By Jr Gong / Ghetto Youth Int. 

Gimmi a pound a the macka height and no grabber
Meck mi cool and satta pon the riddim proper
Every youth top shatter part the zig zagger
Meck mi show you what a clock a strike in a Jam-Rock yah
Politician dem a chat a tongue sharp like macka
Dem nuh have no vision dem a scammer
Wi a wave the banner
Wa kind a honor unuh naw treat the youth wid honor
Meck mi show unuh a vibes
Nuh true yo living up town when the banks fall down
Then the whole a wi a ghetto youths
A me pore you rich but when the pole shift
Then the whole a wi a ghetto youths
And me black, you white, but when famine strike
Then the whole a wi a ghetto youths
On that day when you trade yo roserice for a grain of rice
That’s when you realize seh” 

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