18 Schools To Be Closed In Jamaica!

The Ministry of Education, supported by Cabinet, is to close eighteen (18) schools with small populations ranging from a low of sixteen (16) to a maximum of sixty eight (68) students.

The closure of the schools will take effect in September 2015 and is intended to achieve greater levels of efficiencies inthe school system.

The eighteen (18) institutions to be closed in September are among more than hundred (200) public schools offering primary level education (primary, all age, primary and junior high schools).


Region One

Bowden Hill

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Primary                                                  –  St. Andrew West Rural

Tower Hill Primary                                                     –  East Rural St. Andrew

Clifton Primary                                                           –  East Rural St. Andrew

Mount James All Age                                                  –  St. Andrew West Rural

Region Two

Black Hill All Age                                                      –  Portland Western

Belvedere Primary                                                      –  Portland Western

Pear Tree River Primary                                               –  St. Thomas Eastern

Preston Hill Primary                                                     –  St. Mary Central

Rose Bank Primary                                                     –  St. Mary Central

Region Three

Alps Primary and Infant                                             – Trelawny Southern

Brittonvale Primary                                                     –  St. Ann South Eastern

Clydesdale Primary                                                     –  St. Ann South Western

Jeffreyville Primary                                                     –  St. Ann South Eastern

Watsonville Primary                                                    –  St. Ann South Eastern

Region Four

Hillsbrook Primary                                             HanoverEastern

Region Five

Auchtembeddie Primary and Junior High            
Manchester North Western

Hopeton Primary                                                         
St. Elizabeth South Eastern

Region Six

Hartlands Primary 

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