The Recent Visit To Jamaica By President Obama

Irina Mossi Love Detective

The recent visit to Jamaica by president obama was in some sense, historic ” to those who bought into his – yes we can – message.

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However his visit came and went like the wind leaving all the problems we face as Jamaicans in the same sewage as it was .we are still plague by crime and violence, we are still plague by high level corruption in government and opposition, poverty is always on the rise and the senseless murders seems to only get worse with no end in sight.

So one have to truly ask what the hell was the purpose of his visit? And what have his visit done for the people of Jamaica? Did any Jamaican wake up and find his/her living standard change, well if it change it changed from bad to worse.

The visit even turn sour when one of Jamaicans most promising reggae artist chronixx made a statement using the words ” waste man” in it that create a fire storm because some were vexed that such words were leveled at obama, some even go as far as to say they would stop supporting the music of chronixx by staging a boycott.

One youth even post a short film on you-tube with him in a barber shop cutting his locks in protest over chronixx chosen words which was stupid because the united states pride itself by championing democracy and freedom of speech, so in all fairness chronixx have done no wrong for being true to himself by saying what he truly felt.

The fault is with us Jamaicans who always takes the truth as an offense. I wish some of the short sighted people could get a near sighted view of mr. Obama`s drone track record and then tell me that the words “waste man” is not a fitting name.

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I will close by saying this. Hillary Clinton a presidential hopeful made obama look like a fool by coming out with a heartfelt commanding speech saying that the killing of innocent unarmed black men in the united states have to stop while Mr. Obama sits in silence. So after mr. Obama went MIA instead of addressing the genocide of men of color in his country, i have no other option but to agree with chronixx.

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