Biography…. “SPANGLISH” Anthony Dennis Reid :
Anthony Dennis Reid popularly known as ‘Spanglish” was born in Kingston Jamaica, on January 12 1981. “Favorite quotes”
“Anything the mind conceive can become a reality” “It’s not who or what you are but who or what you can become”
Reggae dancehall artist Spanglish who was formerly known as Cronix was born on January 12 1981 in Kingston Jamaica. Registered as Anthony Dennis Reid, Spanglish has been involved with music since he was a teenager singing in his church choir at the Shiloh AME church in Clarendon Jamaica.

Spanglish, who was formerly know as Cronix, changed his artistic name from Cronix to Spanglish in March 2013. Before Spanglish was his style of music doing dancehall and reggae music in both Spanish and English.
Spanglish studied Agronomic Engineering at the university of Granma where he acquired is first Bsc. After that he went on to specialize in Business management and administration where he got his Msc. Today the artist speaks over 5 languages fluently and has worked in several different sectors in the professional world.

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During the years from 2001- 2004 Spanglish was a university DJ and MC playing at different university campus parties all across Cuba before graduating into a recording artist in 2005. He was encouraged to consider signing by school friends but took the ultimate step to venture into stage singing when he met Rapper Victor, from the Cuban rap group ‘Pura Raza’ and Lazaro from the Reggaeton group “ los mestizos” in Cuba . Spanglish recorded his debut single in 2005 in Bayamo Cuba with Reynier Records.

Spanglish is one of Jamaica’s first bi-lingual Reggae dancehall artists to sing in both Spanish and English incorporating the Latin reggaeton along with the afro kizomba into the Jamaican dancehall reggae style to produce a new and unique sound.

To date Spanglish has recorded several tracks and has done several collaborations with other English, Spanish and Dutch artists. Such as, Yoni, Café exclusive, flow Cubano, Los Mestizos, Silent, No space, and Lil Lisa .

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Even though he has been recording since 2005 Spanglish went professional in 2011 when he moved to Suriname. Since then he has made appearances in countries such as Guyana, Curacao, Cuba and Suriname.
Spanglish is also a radio announcer since 2011 at one of Surinamese top radio station ABC 101.7 where he has three radio programs per week. Spanglish began with radio announcement on RP the Hot1 89.7, with Surinamese reggae dance hall sensation Jamrock Suriname early 2011. Spanglish is known for tracks such as. 

Want me, Guilty, Dear mama, Money, we love to dance, Party 365. Preements, and many more.

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